Project 365 – Week 32 of 2018

Sunday 5th August

A quiet Sunday as during the holidays hubby is going to work on Sundays and taking a day off during the week. Eldest went to horse riding for a couple of hours and then just relaxed at home.



Monday 6th August

Got all our hajj related books out yesterday as it is almost Eid and went through a couple today



Tuesday 7th August

Bee was complaining about what to do. Told her to figure it out for herself. I have banned TV in the mornings and the only time they can have the tablets is in the car and that is if the journey is for over an hour. We survived without electronics. And I have to say they have been getting on a bit better now that they know I am serious and they won’t even get any TV if they argue too much. We have a garden and the weather is nice so they should make the most of it. While out in the garden she came across 2 dragonflies flying around and was fascinated by them.



Wednesday 8th August

pink macaroons

The eldest’s Quran tutor had organised a party for all the girls and she had asked the parents to bring some cakes etc. I decided to get some macaroons. Tried out a couple and they were delicious!



Thursday 9th August

A relatively quiet day today. Just playing, and general chilling. Told hubby to go get us some dessert when he came home work.



Friday 10th August

Worked on a blog post for Puppy Dog Pals Toys and then took Bee to the hairdresser. They were doing some packages where they teach you some basic hairstyles. I can only do pony tails and plaits and Bee was complaining that her friends have hairstyles and I don’t do them. So I learnt how to do french brains and dutch braids and a fish plait.



Saturday 11th August

Spent all day at the local party where a festival was being held. Had a lovely day……workshops, storytelling, face painting, crafts…and the best bit…all free except for the face painting!

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