Project 365 – Week 33 of 2018

Sunday 12th August

Sunday was a quiet day at home recovering after the day spent at the festival yesterday. Hubby treated us to breakfast before he went off to work.



Monday 13th August

A trip to Leicester to catch up an old friend. Was nice just relaxing and chatting and took the kids to a park for a little while



Tuesday 14th August

Another quiet day. Decided to print out some worksheets about Hajj to keep the girls occupied in the morning as we haven’t done many activities yet. Then treated them to the cinema in the evening….went to watch The Incredibles 2.



Wednesday 15th August

Took a trip to London to do some shopping for clothes for Eid coming up next week. Prices were ridiculous as they know Eid is coming and people will be shopping. Then went to meet up with hubby’s friend and his wife for a spot of late lunch. Was slightly annoyed that his wife didn’t turn up as apparently she was tired….we had made the girls wait for some food as we going to catch up with them and travelled another 30 minutes on top of the two hours we had done to meet up with them. If I had known she wasn’t going to bother I would have just gone to a restaurant where we were shopping.


Thursday 16th August

Decided I needed to start the school  uniform shopping as had a bit of a headache finding decent trousers for the eldest when I left it all last minute last time. But still struggled as most are slim fit and skinny fit. Got most of the things we needed and decided to try some more shops tomorrow for the trousers.



Friday 17th August

Had my eye test today and there was a slight change in prescription. Although the change was slight I decided to get new glasses as my other ones were 2 years old and fancied a change. Although I still pretty much got the same style! Then carried on with school uniform shopping. I liked the John Lewis ones as they weren’t skinny but they didn’t have them in black. Ended up getting the slim fit from Marks and Spencer as she’s pretty much like a stick insect anyway so they didn’t look too bad or too tight. However if the length is the right size then they are tight on the crotch! So ended up getting a bigger size…and then me being lazy dropped them off to a shop to get the trousers taken up. I hate sewing and am really not that good at it! Then treated the girls to lunch at a new place that had opened yesterday.



Saturday 18th August

A friend had won a play session at a local soft play centre for 12 kids and the girls were invited. The eldest had her Urdu class so took Bee. Think the eldest was miffed but the age limit appears to be 12 so she wouldn’t have been able to go anyway!

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