Project 365 – Week 34 of 2018

Saturday 19th August

A couple of months ago I ‘adopted’ a horse from Redwings Horse Sanctuary as an Eid present for my horse mad eldest. It was Zippy’s 12th birthday and I agreed to take the eldest to his party. We watched him get ready and then parade around with his girlfriend…and saw him eat his cake..although he was a bit greedy and tried to steel his girlfriends too!



Monday 20th August

Got out our Eid decorations as Eid is on Wednesday…but got a bit lazy and didn’t get round to actually putting them up!



Tuesday 21st August

Got our henna done ready for Eid tomorrow. Waited around at home for a Clarks parcel to be delivered by Hermes but it never arrived in the time frame we were given and later found out they lied and said they attempted delivery at 1pm. I knew I was at home then and sitting in the room with full view of the door as we had just had our henna done and were waiting for it to dry. She was blatantly lying. She hadn’t even left a card to say delivery was attempted. Was well annoyed as they were Bee’s new school shoes which I had planned for her to wear on Eid too.



Wednesday 22nd August

Eid day. At my mums early to help with the cooking. Then after eating drove to the beach at Hunstanton and had a wander around.



Thursday 23rd August

Tweets to Hermes were being ignored and so was my email complaint to them. According to tracking the package was back at the depot. Ended up messaging Clarks on FB to get them to chase it up. A quieter day at home today. Bee did some reading and playing in the garden and then popped to mums and took them to the garden centre.



Friday 24th August

Was planning to go to the Clarks store in person as that is where I had ordered the shoes and also got a message from them on FB as they would chase it up….but then checked tracking and learnt that the shoes were back with the courier. And they finally arrived…..the courier didn’t come out herself and sent her young daughter out to hand over the parcel. If I hadn’t still been in my pyjamas I would have gone out and had a word about her blatant lying. The rest of the day was quiet at home. Have stuck with my ‘no tablet’ rule unless they are in the car on a long journey and it hasn’t affected them. In fact this summer holidays have passed on a much nicer note and I haven’t wanted to run away as much…I am certain the tablet usage makes them more impatient and prone to bickering more. However as we are getting to the end of the holidays the bickering does seem to be increasing! Bee has been entertaining herself with books, paint and imaginative play.



Saturday 25th August

Feeling a bit tired today and really didn’t want to get out of bed. For once let them put the TV on in the morning…and then went to the library for Bee to return her books for the summer challenge. Then popped to mums…and then back to town to collect my new glasses from Specsavers. There was only a slight change but decided to get new glasses as it had been 2 years since I last changed them.


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  • Hope you had a really good Eid week and Edinburgh is fun!! Hermes are absolutely atrocious, I don’t know why companies still use them. Yodel are no better really. Your horse is just gorgeous, especially with his plaits 🙂

  • I’m glad you finally got the shoes especially as Bee needs them for school! You should complain to Hermes in writing about the courier as clearly e-mails etc never get responded to!

  • How lovely to go and join the horse for birthday celebrations, a good choice of gift.
    Happy belated Eid to you all, those 3D hennas look great.
    Very annoying with the shoe carry on, hate it when couriers do that, though have to say we all want/expect free delivery and thos poor delivery drivers are paid very badly to do it.

  • I love your henna! The horse does look very smart with his hair. How frustrating about the shoes! We’ve got two pairs on order from Clarks which are due to arrive tomorrow. That’s interesting to read that the kids haven’t missed their tablets and have behaved better without them. I’m seriously contemplating turning the wifi off at 10pm when the kids go back to school because it’s the only way of making the boys go to bed the right side of midnight!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 26.8.18My Profile