Project 365 – Week 35 of 2018

Sunday 26th August

Sunday was a quiet day and to be honest all I really did was pack for our trip to Edinburgh and to try to figure out what things I really wanted to do while we were in Scotland.



Monday 27th August

Set off at 8am for Edinburgh and arrived at around 2pm. Had some food and then as hubby was a bit shattered with all the driving we decided to just rest up in the flat. There were toys for Bee and DVD’s for the eldest so they were both happy to just chill. Was so glad that I had booked an extra night as hubby had been saying we only needed 2 nights…but I knew he would be tired after driving and wouldn’t want to do anything. Was tempted to go out at 9.30pm and see the fireworks marking the end of the festival but thought it was would be too busy and chaotic… decided to just stay in.



Tuesday 28th August 

Exploring began and because we had pretty much wasted yesterday we were in a mission to fit in as much as we could today and tomorrow. Headed into Edinburgh city centre and visited Camera Obscura…did think it was a bit overpriced. Decided against going into the castle as it was expensive and thought the girls would probably get bored just walking around it. My plan had been to head off to Portabello beach after Camera Obscura and have a quick wander around….. but hubby decided to do a bus and boat tour…which was good and lasted around 3 hours. The only issue was we had brought the car (as I was only expecting to be there a few hours) and parked it in the carpark….so by the time we got back to the car the parking cost me £28.



Wednesday 29th August

Headed to Falkirk as I really wanted to see The Kelpies. The kids and hubby were a bit underwhelmed but I guess this was more for me…I always plan the activities around what hubby and the girls would like…..but for once I picked something that I really wanted to do. An added bonus was that Elaine from Fun As A Gran decided to travel to The Kelpies to see us. However we didn’t spend long together sadly as we were trying to fit in as many places we could….felt a bit bad rushing off! Was lovely though to get a chance to meet her…and the girls were happy to see Dixie and walked her during the time we were there rather than admiring The Kelpies! After the Kelpies we headed off to the Falkirk Wheel, then moved on to Stirling to see the Wallace Monument. We climbed up the hill to it and then 249 steps to the top. It was pretty chilly and windy at the top but the views were amazing. Then on the way back to the flat we decided to take a look at Portabello beach. By the time we arrived it was 7pm and it was pretty quiet. There didn’t seem to be too much to do so just admired the sea a bit and then headed to the flat to get some rest.



Thursday 30th August

Headed to the Royal Yacht Britannia and had a wander around it. The photo is what was the Queen’s bedroom when she was on it. We did think about trying to tackle Arthurs seat before we left but by then we were all tired and decided to head home at 1.30pm. So glad we did as a bad accident had just happened on a section of the A1 we got to and they had started closing the road…even the air ambulance was there…..when I checked later out of curiosity it looked like another accident had happened and a longer stretch of the road was closed. We were lucky we got out of there when we did and just had a small detour.



Friday 31st August

A day of rest and unpacking and doing laundry. I think I got a bit carried away with the magnets. Was gutted I didn’t manage to get one of The Kelpies as they had run out so instead had got a mug from there!

Then learnt that my FIL had had a heart attack, he was OK and conscious but in hospital. He wasn’t well last week and had been put on meds with the view to getting a detailed scan to see if he needed a heart bypass. He didn’t take the meds.



Saturday 1st September

With FIL not well hubby will be going to Pakistan in the next few days. Although with the meds he is now stable they are keeping him in hospital for another day or 2 to keep an eye on things as his ECG results still aren’t 100%.

I was planning to take the girls out for a final time before they went back to school but with the extra expense of hubby now having to go abroad and potentially may have to help pay for the bypass if it is needed, then I need to be a bit careful with money…as we don’t know how long he could end up staying. So instead decided to do some baking with Bee while the eldest was painting some rocks. We had got some cookie cutters from The Kelpies shaped as a horse, a horses head and horses shoe, so had to try them out.


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