Project 365 – Week 39 0f 2018

A relatively uneventful week.

Sunday 23rd September

A day of tidying the girls bedrooms, throwing away unnecessary things and bagging up things that can be donated to charity. The tidy rooms didn’t last long though.



Monday 24th September

First governor meeting of the year and the headteacher took the opportunity to give me a badge and a thank you note. Was so lovely of her…had been debating whether this whole governor thing was a bit too complicated for me and whether I should step down but think I will stick around as not even been a full year yet and still learning the ropes.



Tuesday 25th September

Tried to work on a blog post today but really struggling to get motivated. This bunny is cute though and review will be live soon.



Wednesday 26th September

Had ordered a new desk for the eldest’s bedroom. She didn’t have a decent proper desk and now she is in Year 8 and the homework seems to be more I thought it was time she had a proper area to work with a bigger desk. The cat of course just wanted to sit on the box.



Thursday 27th September

Took the parents shopping in the morning then went to Bee’s school as finally started being a reading buddy. Working with a class of Year 2’s and listening to them read. However Thursday’s is their PE session in the afternoon so from next week will be going on Tuesday’s. As I didn’t get a chance to cook today, takeaway it was! Plain Chow Mein for myself and Bee.



Friday 28th September

A day of general tidying up and cleaning as hubby is due back from Pakistan tomorrow. Thankfully his dad’s heart is fine and he doesn’t need a heart bypass….but there are some stomach issues for which he has been given some medicine. Didn’t do much else and treated us to cake in the evening. Also got the sad news today that the lady who lived opposite me had died. She had been told back in April she only had 4 weeks left to live but she fought the cancer until now. I had gone to see her back in July in the care home and she had been so happy to see me and Bee. Her family told me she was so grateful and kept talking about us and the visit after.



Saturday 29th September

Hubby was due to land at 8.30pm but for some reason his connecting flight was changed and he was stuck at Dubai airport for 12 hours. And won’t be arriving in London until 7am Sunday morning. He is going to be so tired on his arrival. We tested out a robot we were sent…full review on the blog soon.


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