Project 365 – Week 38 of 2018

Sunday 16th September

Met up with a couple of Bee’s friends as a treat for her birthday which was yesterday. Treated them to an hour at the trampoline park and then went to eat with one of her friends. She had a lovely day.



Monday 17th September

Went to the eldest’s school in the evening. They were doing a year 8 induction, letting the parents know what to expect in the coming year. Also gave a suggested reading list.



Tuesday 18th September

Meeting at the school in the morning….finally the reading buddy is kicking off and I will be starting reading with the kids on Thursday. Treated the girls to a doughnut after school.



Wednesday 19th September

Feeling rough and coming down with a cold. Treated Bee to an ice cream from the van outside the school. She’s been wanting one ever since school started. But I usually don’t have any spare change on me.



Thursday 20th September

Still feeling rough so decided to cancel going into school to read with the kids. Didn’t want to pass on my bugs to them. Didn’t so much else so you have a picture of the strawberries the girls had as a snack after school.



Friday 21st September

A quiet day today. Didn’t do too much….except for the school runs. Managed to capture the rainbow.



Saturday 22nd September

After the girls classes in the morning went shopping. Had to get the eldest some shoes as don’t want her to wear her school shoes at the weekends and wreck them so got her some cheap ones. Also wanted to get a new desk for her so she has a dedicated area for her homework but didn’t see any we liked so ordered one online in the evening. Treated myself to some Thorntons chocs.

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