Project 365 – Week 37 of 2018

Sunday 9th September

A quiet day. Had to take my mum for an hospital appointment for a scan on her stomach as she has been complaining of pains. Then practiced Bee’s karate moves with her as she has belt testing on Saturday.



Monday 10th September

Monday started off with me having an appointment for Electrolysis for facial hair. I have had laser before and felt that even though it temporarily got rid of the hair it then made it worse. So opted to try electrolysis. Was scared stiff as it’s inserting thin probs into each hair follicle and zapping it with an electrical current. Thankfully it wasn’t as painful as I was expecting but yes it did hurt in some places. But obviously I need more then one treatment…so back next week. COuld just about manage 30 minutes this session but trying for 45 minutes next week with the view to taking it up to 1 hour if I can handle it. Not looking forward to it but at the same time I need to get rid of this hair.



Tuesday 11th September

Didn’t do much today. Was planning to go to an exercise class but dad needed a doctors appointment as he has had blood in his urine now and then. Managed to get him an appointment (at the time of the exercise class) so took him. Was a temp doctor and she made a referral to the hospital. Apparently it’s their guidelines that if someone over a certain age has blood then it is an immediate referral. Was back to Rainbows for Bee today….here is a pic of her having a snack before she went…as I didn’t really take a picture of anything else!



Wednesday 12th September

I was a little bit shocked today as my eldest’s school phoned me as a teacher had expressed concern that she wasn’t happy. I told them the girls dad unexpectedly had to go abroad and they are missing him so it could be that. When the eldest got home she said her science teacher was doing her head in as he kept asking if she’s ok. She said she’s fine but then the head of house pulls her out of her maths class and mentions there is counselling available should she ever need it. I know they need to look out for the kids but they have barely been back a week and there was no need to pull her out of class in front of everyone.

We then had a nice chilled evening. With hubby away we seem to have a better routine in the evening and we are spending some time together reading and learning about the Prophets.



Thursday 13th September

After school, caught up with the Quran tutors kitten which is now walking and exploring a bit….and Bee treated Rosie too. Love that cat…people often say cats aren’t as faithful as dogs but when I was upset last week she sensed it and snuck on to the bed with me and kept me company until I fell asleep.



Friday 14th September

During the day worked on a review of My first Quran with Pictures. It is Bee’s 6th birthday tomorrow. Decided to get the cake this evening as a busy day tomorrow rushing around. The cake is bubblegum flavoured and you could really smell the bubblegum!



Saturday 15th September

Busy day for the birthday girl today. She was at mosque in the morning and I had to pick her up early for her belt testing at 12.30. (She usually finishes at 1pm) Then belt testing…I think she gets nervous as she messes up some of her moves but she managed to pass and get her orange and white belt…..and then to her grandparents house to open her presents and have cake! I was worried she would miss her dad but she had fun with her uncle and her cousin.

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