Project 365 – Week 41 of 2018

Sunday 7th October

Took a trip to Birmingham to do some shopping and have some food.



Monday 8th October

Bee found a new friend on the school run. I think s/he wanted to come home with us.



Tuesday 9th October

Didn’t really do much today so no interesting photos! Worked on a blog post about making up a ‘puberty basket‘ for your daughters that are close to puberty….then in the afternoon went into school to read with the children.



Wednesday 10th October

Technically this photo was taken tomorrow but I didn’t take one today and this was her pretty much all week…sleeping and not doing much else!



Thursday 11th October

After the eldest had her Quran lesson we went to see the kitten again. She is growing up so fast and is just adorable. Very friendly and is used to being handled.



Friday 12th October

Met up with a friend and her sister for lunch today. Then in the evening took the girls to the local cathedral as they had a moon exhibition. It was pretty cool as we also managed to see Tim Peake’s spacecraft too which is on display there too. Then treated them to an ice cream/drink from Kaspa’s.



Saturday 13th October

The girls went to their classes in the morning and then an afternoon/evening of chilling at home….eating cake, doing some homework and watching a film.


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