Project 365 – Week 42 of 2018

Sunday 14th October

Eldest had horse riding in the morning and then hubby wanted to go Leicester to drop off something to a friend of his. I really didn’t want to go as the weather was horrible and I just wanted to rest after a busy week…but ended up going. Had a lovely meal at a new restaurant though. Was really quiet at the time we went and we were the only customers.



Monday 15th October

The eldest had her first hockey match today. She started off Year 8 saying that she thought hockey was a waste of time….to going to practice twice a week after her PE teacher told her she was good and she had to join the team….to playing her first match after just a few weeks practice and saying she wasn’t ready for a match. She ended up in goal and saved 2 goals so that her team won 1-0. She was quite pleased with herself.



Tuesday 16th October

A busy day today. I had my Quran lesson this morning as can’t make it tomorrow…which went on till around 12.15..then rushed home and had a quick lunch before heading to Bee’s school to listen to the kids read. We had some time to kill when I picked up Bee and before we collected the eldest from netball practice (yes netball as well as hockey!)…so we stopped off at the coffee shop to get some shortbread and gingerbread men.



Wednesday 17th October

It was a full day at Bee’s school today as it was a Governor day. Was a good idea and spent the lunch in the dining hall with the kids. Bee’s friends now think I am a dinner lady! Then karate after school so by the time we got home I was so tired. So you have a picture of Rosie as didn’t take a picture of anything else!



Thursday 18th October

It’s World Happiness Day tomorrow and the school have said the kids can wear something yellow tomorrow. The one colour that we don’t have in the wardrobe! So off I went to the shops! Most of the yellow I spotted was more of a mustard colour but it had to do! Then in the evening saw the kitten again. It seems to grow so much in just a week!



Friday 19th October

One of my friends that we regularly go to lunch with invited me to her mums for lunch instead. Her mum offered to cook for us after she heard about us going out for lunch and spending money! Was such a lovely afternoon with my friend and mum and sisters..and the food was delicious! Then went to Bee’s school for an assembly where she received her first certificate of the year.



Saturday 20th October

Bee had an assembly today at mosque where they were giving out trophies to the top achievers. She got a certificate for completing last year and asked why she didn’t get a trophy. We hadn’t worked as hard as should…her homework was always the last priority but that will change now as her Islamic Education is important too.  Did a spot of gardening and then did some of Bee’s homework from the mosque with her. (She didn’t have to wear the headscarf to do her homework but chose to herself).

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