Review: Quranic Opposites by Learning Roots

We are a fan of educational products and another educational product from Learning Roots is Quranic Opposites. I purchased this for Bee last year on Eid as I always try to have at least one Islamic product as a gift.

We have a few Learning Roots products including books and have mentioned some games on the blog in the past including What to Say When….and The Box of Manners.

Quranic Opposites

Quranic Opposites by Learning Routes

Familiarise your child with frequently used words in the Noble Quran with these wonderfully illustrated puzzles…….In addition to learning the concept of understanding definitions through their opposites, children will begin to develop an Islamic vocabulary as well as matching and hand-to-eye coordination skills.


The box contains 48 puzzle pieces. Once paired they form 24 sets of opposites.


As expected from Learning Roots products, the puzzles are of good quality and seem pretty sturdy. I have seen puzzles before in the past where they are flimsy and almost paper like but no such issue with these. The cards have a glossy look and feel about them, appealing to the younger ones.

Quranic Opposites by Learning Routes

The cards have the English meaning of the words to help those that are still learning Arabic. However you do need to know Arabic yourself to be able to read the Arabic. It might have been beneficial to have had the transliteration to help those who’s Arabic is weak.

Playing Quranic Opposites from Learning Roots

The puzzles are beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Helps a child understand opposites
  • Teaches children some Arabic words
  • Help children become used to words that are used frequently in the Quran
  • Help develop a relationship with the Quran as the child can then look through the Quran finding the words

What is helpful is that at the top of the box there is a list of the opposites and where they can be found.

List of Quranic Opposites

Younger children will find it fun to find the matching pieces and at the same time the puzzle  is educational. Quranic Opposites, along with What to Say When and Box of Manners are available from Learning Roots, other Islamic Toy shops and also Amazon: (affiliate links)


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