Monthly Gratitude – November

“The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see.” – Mary Davis

If I am honest I have been fairly grumpy this month….I guess it is a combination of the weather and not always feeling great as my sugar levels have gone a bit crazy as I have been overdoing it with the food. So now having to watch my carbs and sweet stuff is making me a bit grumpy.

I initially struggled as to what to write about what I was grateful for this month…seeing as I have generally been feeling low. But my sugar levels have reminded me what to be grateful for.

Alhamdulillah we have ways of checking to see if we have any health issues and I can simply monitor my blood sugar levels at home. I also live in a country where I can get free tests. If not from the GP then from the chemist; I recently wrote about having a finger prick test at Lloyds Pharmacy. I can also receive free help and guidance on how to manage any health issues.

I so far have managed to control things by diet alone. I jumped over the pre-diabetes range into the diabetic range a few years ago, but with diet and exercise I got my sugar levels back into the pre-diabetic range and escaped medication.

Unfortunately I have been pretty naughty recently, and getting back into bad habits which led to some weight gain..but I know with a bit of effort I can get my weight back down which should in sha Allah help with the sugar levels. After 2 weeks of being careful my levels are a lot better; whether I have done enough before my next review with the nurse remains to be seen.

Alhamdulillah that my levels did go a bit crazy as it has given me the reality check that I needed to be careful. As I thought my levels were OK I started getting a bit lazy in what I was eating. Diabetes is a lifelong condition and I have been reminded that I cannot just slip into my old habit of munching away on chocolate and lots of carbohydrates.


Monthly gratitude


If anyone else would like to share what they are grateful for for the month of November then feel free to add your link below.

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  • It’s a blessing that you live in a country where healthcare is easily accessible like that. As mums we tend to put our health in the backburner. Please take care of yourself