Project 365 – Week 48 of 2018

Sunday 25th November

A quiet day at home. Eldest had her lesson today and we still had some polos left so shared them with the horses again. Jim wanted more than one and think he got a bit sulky.

My Instant Pot also arrived today which I got in the Black Friday Sales. Just hope I use it now and it doesn’t end up another kitchen gadget collecting dust.



Monday 26th November

Had a day of not doing much. Watched some TV, did a bit of blog stuff and got out the manual for the Instant Pot to start figuring out how it works.



Tuesday 27th November

Spirit and Lucky Toys

Completed my review of Spirit Riding Free – Spirit and Lucky Deluxe Feeding Set. There is a £50 Smyths Voucher up for grabs if anyone wants to enter. Then in the afternoon went to read with the kids in school for an hour. And finally in the evening had to attend a governor meeting.



Wednesday 28th November

My Quran class was cancelled last minute so I decided to finally unpack the instant pot. Did the initial water test and then made some rice in it. Came out pretty good!



Thursday 29th November

Went to my electrolysis appointment in the morning and then just chilled until school pick up time. Another thing I treated myself to in the sales was a box of Sanctuary Spa products. It arrived yesterday but only got a chance to sit down and open it properly today. Love the smell of all the products.



Friday 30th November

A busy day today. In the morning had a blogging event to attend which was hosted by the Olbas Oil team and a doctor and we discussed all things relating to colds….blog post coming soon. They gave us some lunch and then I had an hour to quickly get some things I needed before heading off to Bee’s school to help set up for their school fayre. In the evening wrote up my monthly gratitude blog post.



Saturday 1st December

Girls had their lessons this morning and then spent most of the day at mums. Had an appointment with Halfords to get a dash cam fitted. Decided to get this one hardwired to the car rather than having to keep disconnecting it as then I would often forget to put it on.

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