Project 365 – Week 44 of 2018

Sunday 28th October

A quiet day at home. Hubby decided to make some chicken wraps and kebabs so left him to it. Eldest went to horse riding and Bee said her obligatory hellos to all the horses when we went to collect her sister. Think they have gotten used to her now and look out for her.



Monday 29th October

Back to school and back to routine. Cooked a curry first thing and then had a pretty relaxing day as didn’t have to collect either girl from school until 4pm as they both had clubs. Rosie was feeling pretty lazy and wouldn’t move from the top of the stairs. Not sure if she was just trying to trip me up though.



Tuesday 30th October

Went to read with the kids at school in the afternoon…then treated Bee to some cake after school before she went to Rainbows. Eldest had a hockey tournament until 6pm. She was helping out the Year 7’s as they didn’t have anyone to go in goal.



Wednesday 31st October

Had my Quran class in the morning then came home and quickly cooked a chicken curry for the evening. Collected the girls and then Bee had karate. Told the Sensei that we would be leaving. He said it was a shame and a shame it comes down to price. But at the end of the day  a minimum of £9 a month saving  ultimately works out to be a lot over the year and I am trying to save. I was ini two minds but Bee herself wants to move after she had her trial classes as she seems to prefer the new place as there is less focus on sparring.

Then when we got home Bee got busy with her beads that a friend had given her on her birthday.



Thursday 1st November

Did a bit of blog work in the morning and wrote about our day out to Wimpole Hall. Bee had her parents evening. Teachers are happy with her and say she has settled into Year 1 really well. Said she was helpful and kind and friends with everyone…and she’s in the top band for reading, writing and maths.

Hubby then phoned on his way home from work asking if we wanted dessert. Of course I wasn’t going to say no.



Friday 2nd November

A pretty lazy day again today for me…just did some blog work; wrote up my monthly gratitude post. Couldn’t be bothered to cook so ordered in. The cat was trying to get some food off us and was slightly annoyed when she found it was all gone.



Saturday 3rd November

Girls busy with their classes in the morning and then put the Wii on for them to play in the afternoon. I haven’t put it on in a long time for them and they have been asking for ages. Got Bee to put on a dress she has received to review and took some picture ready to write the blog post next week. She is going to a wedding with her dad tomorrow so is likely going to wear it to the wedding. But there is no personal photography allowed so unlikely to get a picture there.

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