Monthly Gratitude – October

Allah says in the Quran: “And whatever of blessings and good things you have, it is from Allah” [al-Nahl 16:53].

If I am honest September has passed by in a bit of a blur and I have been trying to think back about what has made me grateful this past month…..

And I think I will focus on my Quran Tutor.

I have been wanting to correct my ability to read the Quran for a while. I found some classes at a local masjid a few years back but I never connected with that teacher. Do not get me wrong…she knew her stuff….but I felt uncomfortable in her presence for some reason and I felt really stupid in front of her. Then my father got ill and I was missing lots of classes so I quit. And I was actually glad to leave.

They say everything happens for a reason and it certainly was the case in this matter. The decision to quit was the best decision I made.

I eventually found another Quran tutor. I was initially looking for my eldest but she also taught adults. And since starting with her I have never looked back.

Not just my Quran tutor I feel like she is also a friend I can discuss any issues I am having in regards to Islam. There is no judgement, just a desire to help and guide us on the right path. As a result I genuinely believe if it wasn’t for her I would currently be completely lost.

I have found that you mention on social media you are feeling lost and some so called friends often choose to ignore it. I also remember once mentioning it on my blog FB page and local sisters got in touch saying we should meet up, have a coffee…etc etc…and then nothing….. It seems like people want to be seen doing something publicly but then actually do nothing.

It taught me not to rely on anyone else. That I need to help myself. But I now know that there are people out there that do genuinely want to help. Just recently I was feeling emotional and ending up crying in my Quran class over something. Our teacher gave me a massive hug and then changed the lesson that day to discuss the issue I was facing from an islamic perspective. This was to try to make me understand and deal with the issue correctly.

So Alhamdulillah for finding her and learning more about Islam.

Monthly gratitude


If anyone else would like to share what they are grateful for for the month of October then feel free to add your link below.

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  • For October, I am grateful for my friends, my sisters, my tribe. My husband travels a great deal for work and I have had to build and lean on a very close group of people. They are there for me when I need to laugh, cry, vent, or just be silent. They help me care for my children and help me to be a better mother. God knows I need the help!
    Alhamdulillah for the amazing people Allah (swt) has put in my path.

  • Subhanallah! I’ve yet to find a good Quran teacher here as all of the mosques are half an hour to an hour away and I felt really uncomfortable in them as people tend to get a little too zealous but In Shaa Allah I’ll find one too.

    Sounds like she’s a good friend as well as a teacher Mashallah!

  • For October amidst from all the innumerable things I should be grateful for I specifically recall two significant events.
    1. Alhamdulillah none of my kids fell sick – Alhamdulillah! Being a mum to three boys I’m always dispensing one form of medicine or another to one of them! From a sprain to the flu to a bug or an upset tummy- Alhamdulillah October I was given a respite! Alhamdulillah! Come November they are down with blocked noses and aches and pains . So a months respite was heaven sent indeed!
    2. This month I connected with a Sri Lankan writers group. This was a first for me. They had a literary evening in Colombo and I stepped out of my comfort zone and had to actually speak out my poem. Alhamdulillah it was a good evening to network and connect with like minded individuals in my neighbourhood!

    Alhamdulillah I was especially grateful for both of these in October.