Day Out at Wimpole Hall and Home Farm

We didn’t have much planned for over half term but then I suddenly remembered our National Trust Membership which we hadn’t made good use of yet…only visiting one other National Trust property: Belton House.

So when I realised we actually had a good couple of days weather wise, I wanted to make use of the good weather. While hubby was at work I decided to treat the girls to a day out.

Wimpole Estate is in Cambridgeshire. There are separate prices for visiting the Estate and the Farm. As we are National Trust Members, both the Hall and the Farm were included in the membership, along with the £2 parking fee.

Home Farm

Our first place to visit on the estate was Home Farm as the horse mad eldest wanted to see the Shire Horses. It is a bit of a walk to the Farm but clearly signposted so you can easily find your way and it was a lovely walk through the trees.

Trees at Wimpole Hall

The farm isn’t very big but there is a range of animals to see; horses, cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and ponies.

The Shire Horses were simply majestic and the girls got a chance to pat them.

Shire Horse in his stable

Patting a Shire Horse

Bee had fun pretending to milk a cow.

Pretending to milk a cow at Home farm with buckets

Adventure Playground

Not far from the farm is an adventure playground for the children. This was Bee’s favourite part and she had fun running around and letting off some steam. It was hard to get her away from there and she could have spent all day there…. but I wanted to explore the rest of the estate.

Wimpole Hall Adventure Playground Sign




As a bit of a gardener myself my personal favourites were the gardens. In particular the Walled Garden. Although we are now in October there was still plenty of colour in the garden…I can only imagine how beautiful it must look in summer and hope to visit again in the summer months.

Statue in the Walled Gardens at Wimpole Hall


Wimpole Hall

Picture of front of Wimpole Hall

Wimpole Hall is surrounded by 3000 acres of parkland and farmland. As you enter you are welcomed by some staff members who can give you a brief history of the place. I learnt that it was Rudyard Kipling’s daughter who purchased Wimpole Hall and then eventually gave it to the National Trust.

As it was half term there were some events happening, which included some halloween spiders being hidden around the house. Children had to count how many they could find. Bee can find tours of houses a bit boring so this kept her entertained.

The house is full of history and you can just imagine the people living there in days gone by.

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Eating at Wimpole Estate

There are plenty of places to picnic but there are also a number of places to eat; The Old Rectory Restaurant, Farm Cafe and some snacks available at The Stable Cafe. We ended up eating at the Farm Cafe because Bee needed a drink. As there was a big queue just to get the drink, we decided to order some food too to save us queuing later. For children they have some lunch boxes where they can select a number of items for a set price. I opted for a Jacket Potato which cost around £6.

Wimpole Estate is lovely for a day out. Animals, gardens, playground and a house full of history. There is plenty to explore and although we spent a day there we still have more left to see, in particular the Folly. Unfortunately that was a bit of a walk away and the girls were tired so we will have to plan another visit soon.

Further information, including prices, can be found on the National Trust Website: Wimpole Estate.

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