Project 365 – Week 45 of 2018

Sunday 4th November

A relatively quiet day. Did a bit of shopping in the morning and then Bee and her dad went to his friends wedding. He got myself and the eldest a burger before he left.



Monday 5th November

Another quiet day to be honest. Had my electrolysis in the morning and then just chilled. Didn’t have to pick up both girls until 4pm so was a relaxing afternoon. Then took Bee to her new karate place and wrote up the latest blog post in my Muslim Mums in Business series.



Tuesday 6th November

Had my Quran class in the morning and spoke to the Quran tutor about Bee learning from her too. She has been trying to get me to move Bee to her but I didn’t want to as she was settled…but I haven’t been impressed with them recently so have decided to move her. Then in the afternoon went into the school again to read with the children.  No other picture taken other than of Rosie chilling as usual.



Wednesday 7th November

Hubby treated me to breakfast and tea from Chaiiwala before he left for work. And then I was out all day with the school governors. One of the governors had a cold and I just knew I would get it! Took Bee to the new Quran class this evening. I am moving her from just Saturday to Monday and Wednesday and this class is more about fun rather than following a strict curriculum and having exams. This does mean that her karate will change from Monday and Wednesdays to Thursday. (It is all change!)


Thursday 8th November

Had a meeting at the bank today in the morning and then treated myself to some flowers from the flower stall outside. Was out with the governors again in the afternoon and I was right about getting the cold as my throat was beginning to hurt. Then in the evening had to drop off the eldest to her quran class and then dash across the city in peak time to get Bee to her karate class. Thursdays are going to be so much fun now(!)

Found out that the karate school are starting classes on Saturday too and Bee said she wants to go twice a week rather than once a week….so guess what I will be doing Saturday mornings!



Friday 9th November

Feeling quite rough today so pretty much stayed in bed until it was school run time. Managed to get a blog post done. The review and giveaway of a designer dress from David Charles Childrenswear is now live if anyone would like to enter. I had ordered a sample of diet coke through Send Me a Sample on the Amazon Echo and 4 small cans arrived today!



Saturday 10th November

A quiet start today. Didn’t have to get up early as Bee no longer goes to the mosque Saturday morning but she still woke up early. Her karate on Saturdays will start next week so was hoping for a lie in today but no change.  Spent most of the day at home watching TV as I was still feeling a bit rough and didn’t want to go anywhere. Just went out to collect the eldest from her class. Had a cup of tea with honey after a long time!

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