Project 365 – Week 46 of 2018

Sunday 11th November

Still suffering a bit from my cold I had last week. Hubby had to go to work today as he has to take tomorrow off to get his car sorted…so a quiet day at home. Eldest went horse riding in the morning so of course we had to go round saying hello to the horses again and this time treated them to polos as haven’t treated them for a while.



Monday 12th November

Hubby spent pretty much all day at the garage getting his car sorted. So for me a generally quiet day, recovering from the cold and some cooking and cleaning. Today is summed up by Rosie.



Tuesday 13th November

Another day where I didn’t do too much to be honest. I just slow down a bit in Autumn/Winter. Was meant to go read with the children in the afternoon but was coughing quite badly at times so decided against it. In the evening while I was trying to listen to Bee read, Rosie came and snuggled up to her. (She’s wearing a hijab as we got it today for her Quran lessons and she wanted to try it on).



Wednesday 14th November

Had my Quran class in the morning and then just relaxed until it was time to pick up the kids. Bee had her Quran class after school and while driving there we saw an amazing sunset and got the eldest to take a picture.



Thursday 15th November

Had to wait in for the Sky engineer to come and sort out my broadband and phoneline. Came and got it done quite quickly. Had some old BT phone sockets so he simply just made them live and got the connection going. Been with Virgin for nearly 12 years and such a shame they couldn’t offer me a good deal. Hate that new customers get good deals and loyal customers aren’t really rewarded. Then took mum for a blood test. Went to pick up Bee and there had been an incident in school While she was in the toilet a boy climbed up in the stall next to hers and was peeking over. The boys mum had a go at him and he was sobbing….then Bee got overwhelmed and she started crying too, saying she didn’t want to come back to school and asking why some children were so naughty. She really wasn’t happy this evening.



Friday 16th November

Bee did say a couple of times she didn’t want to go to school but as it was Children in Need day and they could go dressed as they like that tempted her. I knew she would be fine once she got there and I was right.

I am on a mission to cut out the chocolate etc. Although I can usually handle a bit I realised I have been having too much….and as a result my sugar levels have gone crazy which has led to me generally feeling rough. I need to sort myself out before they stick me on medication! Lets see if I can turn this around before my review in January. Time to start eating a bit more salad and less carbs…and start exercising as my weight has gone up again.



Saturday 17th November

Bee’s first Saturday morning karate class. Thankfully at 9.45 rather than 9am. As it is a new class they are doing there was only 4 kids in total but in some ways that is good. She is lovely the new classes. Then had lunch at mums and collected a parcel….use mums address a lot as I keep missing parcels at home. A toy horse had arrived for the girls to review so we had a play with that.


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