Project 365 – Week 49 of 2018

Saturday 2nd December

We had been invited by Zippos Circus to see a how at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. Every year I mean to go to Winter Wonderland but never get round to it so this was a good excuse to go. After the circus we decided to go see the Magical Ice Kingdom. As it was Sunday and peak time we were charged £36 to go in to see some ice sculptures. Although they were pretty amazing I did feel like it was a bit expensive as we were out in 15 mins. The rides were all a bit expensive too £3 minimum for a kids ride. Decided against going on the big wheel as that would have cost us £40….

I can only imagine how expensive it would be if people take part in all the activities available! We decided not to eat there and found a restaurant a few minutes away on Edgeware Road 


Monday 3rd December

It was Bee’s nativity at school. Last year she played Mary but Year 1 children are the choir so she was singing the songs. In the evening after her Quran class we went to see the teachers cat and her kitten. Isn’t mummy cat gorgeous!


Tuesday 4th December

Bee wasn’t feeling too good when she woke up and was crying her throat hurt she kept her home from school. I decided to try out a black bean curry in the Instant Pot. I must say I am not sure I am a fan. Although the beans cooked quickly I just don’t feel like they have the flavour they would if cooked slowly on the stove. But I will reserve my judgement until I have made a few more things in it. Also managed to work on a blog post for an event I went to last week about family colds and Olbas.


Wednesday 5th December

Bee felt much better so went to school. I went to my Quran class in the morning. As we had missed last weeks class we had a two hour session. Then I chilled in the afternoon until it was time to collect the girls and munched on some chocolate hubby had got me. I have been good for a few weeks but couldn’t resist trying these out. In the evening went to the eldest’s school as she has been picked to go on a residential in May and they were having a parents meeting. I wanted to ask some questions before I decide if I want her to go. 


Thursday 6th December

A bit of cooking in the morning and then my Thursday evening dashing around getting the kids to their classes. I don’t think Rosie was particularly impressed with Bee putting a ribbon on her head. 


Friday 7th December

A day of feeling a bit ‘meh’. Didn’t feel like doing anything and was generally feeling tired and grumpy. Eldest had a slight cold but she wanted to go to school. I just chilled and managed to get a blog post done about Swizzels Choos. Eldest came out of school feeling worse than she did in the morning so got her home to rest up.


Saturday 8th December

Eldest not feeling well so cancelled her class for today and cancelled her horse riding lesson for tomorrow. Took Bee to karate first thing and then a day of watching Christmas Films and having hot chocolate.

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