The Importance of Community Spirit

This post is in collaboration with Glasdon UK

In 2015, it was agreed by world leaders, to set 17 goals for a better world by 2030. It has been suggested that these 17 goals for sustainable development, have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and bring a halt to climate change.

As my girls are growing up I do often wonder what the future holds for them. In some areas poverty seems to be on the rise and the worrying thing is climate change with predictions of sea levels rising in the future. So something needs to be done and changes need to be made. To make these changes it is not solely the responsibility of the world leaders who acknowledge that changes have to be made and goals have to be set…but it is also the responsibility of us as individuals and working together as a community to implement change. 

There is a number of things you can do as an individual at home and out in the community..and even if its a small change you make it certainly helps.

At home and in the community

Recylce and Resuse

I must admit there is more I can do at home. Although I do recycle in that I put the recyclables in the bin provided by the council, I have not been using the food recycle bin which takes food waste away such as fruit peels or bits of left over food.

The other thing is if you have left over food and it is a substantial amount then freeze it if possible for another day. 

Recycling doesn’t just stop at home though. There are bins out in the community, including recycling bins. For example Glasdon bins: Make use of the bins and don’t just throw things on the floor.

Recycling doesn’t just stop at food and packaging but clothes and shoes too. Don’t just throw these items in the bin but take them to special recycling bins for materials or take the good quality clothes to a charity shop. We often get charity bags through the post; make sure of them.

Image courtesy of Glasdon UK ebook

Save Energy

This is one thing I have been trying to do and get really irritated with the family when they don’t turn of the sockets once they have finished using them or just put things on stanby. Switching off things will make a difference and think about whether you really do need the heating on or if a few extra layers will help.

Stop Using Plastic Shopping Bags (or reuse the ones you have) and Limit Your Plastic Usage

Plastic is currently a hot topic with sea life being badly affected. With so many options for bags it is so easy to limit your use of plastic bags. I have a few cloth bags which are pretty handy..they are more sturdy and can be washed if necessary. 

But most importantly we need to teach our children the importance of social responsibility. In time they will help contribute to making the change that is so desperately needed. 

There are many other things you can do to get involved in the community spirit and to implement change. Glasdon UK have put together a handy eBook with some detailed advice.

What will you be doing to help make the necessary changes?

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