Project 365 for 2019 – Week 6

Day 34 – Sunday 3rd February

Horse riding for the eldest and then general chilling at home. It is lovely to see Bee more confident with the bigger horses. She was always nervous about giving them polos but it is like they look out for her and are more gentle with her when taking things from her. She was able to give Jim (he’s pretty big) a carrot.


Day 35 – Monday 4th February

Didn’t want to cook, refused to cook. Had a totally lazy day until school run time and then hubby took us out to eat in the evening. I love the Salt and Pepper chips from our local Chinese/Turkish place.


Day 36 – Tuesday 5th February

Not a very good photo today but had such a busy day and remembered I hadn’t take a photo at the end of the day. My kick boxing class was first thing in the morning. Came home, quickly cooked something for the evening, and then back out to read with the kids at school. Then had an e-safety workshop at the school to attend. Bee was at after school club so home for an hour before picking her up and dropping her off at my parents. Had to get my nephew to take her to Rainbows as I rushed straight back out to meet the eldest at school for her parents evening. Had a really good parents evening. Everyone is pretty pleased with her and say she is on target to do well. Her sports teacher was particularly impressed with her and was hinting that she should do sports GCSE. And apparently she is excelling in Spanish!


Day 37 – Wednesday 6th February

Popped to the parents after school to find that they had been up in the loft trying to find something. They also found my GCSE and A-Level books and notes. I had forgotten they were all up there. After decluttering last week I now have 8 bags full of stuff again. I threw away the notes as no point keeping them but for now have kept all the books. Slightly regretting throwing away my English Literature notes though as may have come in handy if my eldest ends up studying the same things.


Day 38 – Thursday 7th February

No pictures taken of today so you have one of Rosie, although she refused to look at the camera. I had volunteered to go with the school to the farm with the reception kids. I woke up and groaned as it was raining and the winds were pretty intense. The trip went ok….thankfully it didn’t rain too much while there but was really windy. Had some tears from some who were cold, didn’t like the wind and were missing their mums….and one boy said he liked my top and he loved me! Was glad to get home though as my feet were frozen by the end of it…couldn’t find my thermal socks in the morning and wellies aren’t particularly warm!


Day 39 – Friday 8th February

Feeling a bit drained today so general chilling at home. Caught up with some blog work and as Ramadan will be here in a few months have started on some ramadan book reviews. First up is Ramadan Moon. By the end of the day my throat was hurting so think a cold is on it’s way.


Day 40 – Saturday 9th February

Have done absolutely nothing today. Bee woke up with a bad cough and a temperature…and my throat was killing me too and had a slight temp. She didn’t go karate and got the hubby to drop the eldest at her Urdu class before he went to work and the nephew picked her up to save me going out in the cold and wind. So a day in front of the TV it was. Not a very good photo but didn’t have the energy to take a better one!

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