Project 365 for 2019 – Week 7

It has been a horrible week to be honest. Both Bee and myself have been full of cold..somehow managed to still take some pictures!

Day 41 – Sunday 10th February

Hubby was at home so he did some cooking and allowed me to rest as I was still feeling pretty rough. Bee was also not feeling too great and just lay there for most of the day and wouldn’t eat much.


Day 42 – Monday 11th February

Hubby saw how bad I was in the morning after dropping the eldest off at school and decided to take the day off work. The eldest also had a dentist appointment for an x-ray so he didn’t want me rushing around. My throat was starting to hurt pretty badly so asked him to speak to the pharmacist and get me some meds.


Day 43 – Tuesday 12th February

Throat was even  worse today and could barely speak. Poor Bee was also coughing non stop so kept her home again today. Hubby couldn’t really take another day off so I had to do the school run in the morning…but nephew was off work so he picked the eldest up at the end of the day. Here’s a pic of Rosie looking pretty exhausted herself!


Day 44 – Wednesday 13th February

Sent Bee to school..I did at the last minute say she didn’t have to as she was still coughing and felt a bit warm but she said she wanted to go. She came out of school looking exhausted though and said she had been coughing all day. Was a bad night for me as although my throat seemed to be calming down my eyes starting watering and my nose started running really bad.  Work started in our street which was annoying…with an already bad headache I had to put up with the noise…I think it’s for the new fibre cables for broadband.


Day 45 – Thursday 14th February

Decided to keep Bee off school again as she ended up with a temperature again and was barely eating. However that night was the first night she slept through without having any major coughing. My eyes and nose were still running but thankfully my nephew had a day off work and he collected the eldest from school and then took her to her Quran class and brought her home too. As it is hubby’s birthday tomorrow I asked the nephew to get me a cake from the shop as my plan of making one with the girls wasn’t going to happen….and we had the cake today as hubby was going to be at work tomorrow all day and wouldn’t be home till late.


Day 46 – Friday 15th February

Bee feeling much better so off to school she went. Thankfully this time she didn’t come out of school looking exhausted but was running around with her friend. She was tired in the evening. Thankfully my eyes and nose had calmed down and my throat wasn’t too bad.


Day 47 – Saturday 16th February

Karate lesson for Bee in the morning. As she had belt testing in the afternoon I expressed concern that she had missed all that weeks lessons and she wasn’t confident about belt testing. They took the time to run through the test sheet with her and said she would be fine. They were right and she managed to get her orange belt. I was still randomly coughing and went through quite a few bottles of water to try to stop a coughing fit throughout the day. It seems to be taking me longer to get better.

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