Project 356 for 2019 – Week 19

Day 125 – Sunday 5th May

A quiet day without the eldest at home. Popped to the shops, then to the parents and came home and put up the decorations as it might be Ramadan tomorrow. However by the evening we realised that Ramadan would most likely start on Tuesday for us, even though some were starting tomorrow. The UK is always split as there is a debate about following Saudi and when they see the moon and local moon sighting.

Day 126 – Monday 6th May

The bank holiday was pretty quiet. We didn’t do much…and then the eldest came home from her residential…surprisingly on time. She had had a fab time. Then decided to eat out for the final time for at least a month as we personally don’t eat out during Ramadan.


Day 127 – Tuesday 7th May

First fast today. Had a governors meeting at the school in the morning. And then came home and relaxed a bit. Got some of my books out that I hope to read during Ramadan.


Day 128 – Wednesday 8th May

Dad had an appointment with the kidney specialist today. Dads kidney function has always been up and down but it seems to be more down these days. She ordered some more blood tests and will be working with the GP to try to get dads blood pressure down as that can be damaging to the kidneys.


Day 129 – Thursday 9th May

Had my electrolysis appointment in the morning and then headed to my Quran class. Was running late but got a text to say not to worry as class was cancelled as the tutors husband had fallen and hurt his back. Went to see if I could help in anyway with the kids as it appeared that they might be going hospital. They didn’t end up going hospital but stuck around a bit in case any help was needed. Didn’t really take any pictures today…so here is a random one of Rosie.


Day 130 – Friday 10th May

Bee came out of school pleased with herself as she was made a ‘Shine Ambassador’ at school. This is for showing the school value of determination. Spoke to the teacher and she said its because she is always determined to succeed in everything she does.


Day 131 – Saturday 11th May

Karate this morning. Asked her if she wanted to stay home as I wanted a lie in….the lack of sleep due to ramadan is getting to me….but she wanted to go. I then thought we could come home before fight club because she doesn’t always want to do it…but of course today she wanted to do it. Then in the afternoon went to Specsavers to get her eyes checked. Her eyes were checked 6 months ago and it was noted there was a slight weakness in her right eye compared to her left. Apparently there has been some slight improvement and they want to check her again in 6 months.

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