Project 365 for 2019 – Week 18

Another relatively quiet week…just getting back into our school routines.

Day 118 – Sunday 28th April

Hubby’s car still isn’t is not moving at all so waiting for it to be taken to the garage. So hubby said he would take my car to get him to work today. I was going to cancel the eldest’s horse riding but she looked a bit annoyed so woke up the nephew to come take her. Even though I wasn’t actually planning to go anywhere, I felt lost knowing I didn’t have my car! So a quiet day; published a review post for Schleich Horse Club – Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby The Dog.

Day 119 – Monday 29th April

Had my diabetic blood test in the morning and also checked my Vit D levels…will find out if I need to start diabetic meds this week. Got hubby and asked asked if I could drop him to Cambridge…was meant to be meeting friends for lunch so had to warn them I probably couldn’t make it as the A14 can be a nightmare. Dropped hubby off and rushed back…was only about 10 minutes late for the lunch! Picked up Bee and she had been to her cooking club and had made some gingerbread cookies. She spotted her friend outside and shared some with her..then took some to her Quran class for her Quran tutor. It’s good she wants to share!


Day 120 – Tuesday 30th April

Hubbys car finally got removed from the driveway today and was taken to the garage to be looked at. I went with the Year 2’s from school on a trip to Mountfitchet Castle. Was a pretty good day. The peacock was lovely.

Bee then had her Rainbows session after school. We have told them we won’t be returning after half term as have other commitments. All her Rainbows seem to do is crafts and not much else…and have a feeling the Brownies there will be exactly the same so decided to quit. She has been there over a year and only got two badges as they don’t really do anything exciting.


Day 121 – Wednesday 1st May

Quiet day.  Went to my Quran class, came home and cooked….and then after school started packing the eldest’s things for her residential trip this weekend. We started off with the essentials. She had blocked her basic nokia somehow so unlocked it. It worked fine for about an hour and then said no SIM card installed. So now have to get that fixed before she goes.


Day 122 – Thursday 2nd May

Hubby had the day off so he took the eldest’s phone to get sorted. Then got the final bits sorted that the eldest’s needs for her trip.. and got some food from the takeaway. A friend popped round in the evening with a sleeping bag. Although the eldest said she can feel claustrophobic she can use it more like a duvet if she doesn’t want to get in it. Thought it would be more of a mission to take her actual duvet!


Day 123 – Friday 3rd May

Eldest went off on her trip. The coach was leaving school at 1pm and I did think about going to wave her off but thought that would probably embarrass her! Just relaxed at home and then in the evening took my mum to her friends house who had just returned from Mecca/Medina. Got to try to dates and water ..but forgot to take a picture of them you have a picture of some other snacks they gave. Got a text from the eldest just after 7 to say they had arrived. Surprised it took them that long as with limited traffic it should have taken around 5 hours with a break. I am guessing they must have hit traffic.


Day 124 – Saturday 4th May

A busy day. Drove the parents to London. It has been 40 days since one of the relatives passed away and a special prayer is done, so had to attend that. Came across some relatives I haven’t seen in years! Got home in the evening and got out the ramadan decorations as the plan is to decorate tomorrow.


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