Introducing New Hatchimals Pixies – Review

Disclaimer: We were sent two Hatchimals Pixies for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Hold! Hatch! Play!

The girls have a few Hatchimals including Hatchimals Glittering Garden and Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Mermals, so they were pleased to see the new Hatchimals: Hatchimals Pixies.

two Hatchimals Pixies in their packaging


One day, new eggs suddenly appeared in Hatchtopia! Larger and more beautiful than any before, no one knew where they had come from or just who was inside. As the Hatchimals cared for the eggs, they began to take on unique properties, inspired by their different regions. Then, after 9 months of love and care, the new magical friends were finally ready to hatch … and for the first time ever, the Hatchimals met the Pixies! Which Pixie will you hatch?

Hatchimals Pixies

There are currently 8 Hatchimals Pixies to collect, and you can hatch a pixie from Crystal Canyon, Polar Paradise, Wishing Star Waterfall or Glittering Garden. As with other Hatchimals eggs you have to hold the egg and warm it until the purple heart turns pink…and then your pixie is ready to hatch!

Holding the Hatchimal Pixie Egg

Pixie peeping out through the egg

What did we think?

Bee didn’t have any problem with hatching her egg… all honesty she was impatient to hatch it and didn’t get the heart very pink before she started hatching the egg! What we loved about the pixies is that they come with with their own accessories which are in a blind bag. The bottom of the egg turns into a bed on which you can display your pixie and also doubles up as storage for the accessories. This is really useful as the accessories are small and can easily get lost if not stored properly.

The accessories are generally a headband and holdable accessories such as a watering can.

The Pixies have poseable heads and also their wings can ‘flutter’. The wings are made of a gel like material which makes them move with every movement.

Bee in particular loved the sparkly hair and outfits and can’t wait to collect more! The only problem is as you don’t know whats in each egg until you hatch it it might be hard to avoid duplicates! But then that is part of the fun!

Hatchimals Pixies are recommended for ages 5+ and are priced at £7.99. They are available from Smyths Toys and also Amazon HATCHIMALS 6047278 Colleggtibles Pixies 1 Pack, Multicolored (affiliate link).


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