Project 365 for 2019 – Week 25

Day 168 – Sunday 16th June

Spent most of the day at the parents house. Got dad some cupcakes for fathers day and then watched the Pakistan v India cricket match. Paid for a day pass on NowTV but was a waste as Pakistan played rubbish. I had taken my laptop over to the parents house and completed a blog post about things to do in North Wales with the family.

Day 169 – Monday 17th June

Monday was Bee’s cooking club after school and she made bread rolls. They were still raw and were told to put them in the oven for another 10 mins. Was a bit worried as we weren’t going straight home but an hour later they went in the oven for longer than 10 mins and were fine. Actually tasted really nice.


Day 170 – Tuesday 18th June

Had a governor day today but as I had missed 6 weeks of kick boxing I didn’t want to miss another session. So went to my class…rushed home and had a quick shower and joined the other governors at 11.15. Didn’t take a picture of anything so its a picture of yesterdays left over chicken pasta we ended up having for dinner as I made too much yesterday!


Day 171 – Wednesday 19th June

It was my Quran class in the morning and then chilled until it was Bee’s school pick up time. Eldest had her first session as a volunteer junior police cadet and has 12 weeks of training before her ‘passing out’ ceremony. So she is now at school until 6pm on Wednesdays. . It works though as I pick up Bee from her Quran class at 5.30pm and then can drive over to pick up the eldest. Just feel like all I am doing these days is driving around.


Day 172 – Thursday 20th June

Chilled out day after my electrolysis appointment in the morning. So spent some time working on blog posts. Started working on a blog post for the new Hatchimals Pixies.


Day 173 – Friday 21st June

Hubby was home in the morning and took it upon himself to cut the grass and prune my buddleia bushes. He never usually touches the bushes as the garden generally is my domain and was horrified to see him hacking away at the bushes as they hadn’t even flowered yet. But he had a point as they were getting a bit out of control already and getting in the way. However loving all the colour in the garden already, in particular the fuchsia are my favourites. Think I have 4 different varieties at the moment.

Bee then had a fight night at her karate school. It was just a friendly with other kids from her karate school. However for some reason she was placed in a category with taller kids and she ended up hit in the face in her first fight and she cried. I wasn’t happy and wasn’t prepared for her to fight the others so we left. She is now saying she doesn’t want to enter competitions so will have to see if she gets over the shock.


Day 174 – Saturday 22nd June

Bee had karate this morning. I wasn’t sure she would want to do Fight Club after yesterdays incident and did say to her there was no point in doing fight club if she didn’t want to enter competitions….but she wanted to do it. But I could see she has had a knock to her confidence as she wasn’t as good with her sparring and looked more frightened when she had to go up against a boy. Will see how it goes and might stop her from doing fight club myself. I think she wants to go fight club as her friends go plus in the interval between her first class and fight club the kids that are waiting have a bit of fun and we all share snacks. I found some unicorn themed cakes in the morning to take with us.

Then in the evening there was a late Eid party at a local soft play centre in aid of charity where Bee had fun. Eldest hadn’t wanted to go so she went to her Quran class.

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