Project 365 for 2019 – Week 22

Day 147 – Sunday 26th May

Although it is half term we have no plans. With it being Ramadan we are just going to take it easy this week. Spent most of the day at home. The weather was nice and the girls made some daisy chains and poor Rosie had to put up with getting a necklace.

Day 148 – Monday 27th May

Got into cleaning mode today and decided to tackle the oven. Then regretted my decision! Tempted to call the cleaners in! I decided to try Koh that is all over Facebook these days. Ordered it weeks ago but only just got round to using it. Must admit I wasn’t overly impressed with it.


Day 149 – Tuesday 28th May

Eldest went to the stables in the morning. She has been missing horse riding on Sundays as during Ramadan her Quran and Islamic studies have been moved to Sunday’s. As the stables were doing extra half term lessons I booked her in for the morning to make up for the sessions she was missing. Later we  didn’t have much planned so we decided to get our Eid decorations started. Went to the parents and put up some balloons there… excuse was we had to check that they were all ok with no holes. Dad did say it is a bit early but he ended up helping!


Day 150 – Wednesday 29th May

Bee can be hard work sometimes as she always wants to be doing something. So I got the girls busy with making some Eid decorations. Paperchains are nice and simple and they both made some. Also some Eid chocolates I had ordered arrived. Have put them away incase we get tempted to eat them all before Eid even comes!


Day 151 – Thursday 30th May

Got Bee making an Eid banner. She was using glitter glue pens but put so much on that they ended up taking forever to dry! Also round 2 of getting some decorations up at the parents house! Dad is getting used to me going round and randomly putting up some decorations!


Day 152 – Friday 31st May

Took mum to her physio appointment in the morning and then didn’t do a whole lot once we got home. I had brought home some old decorations we had left at my parents house and decided to use them to decorate our house.


Day 153 – Saturday 1st June

Karate in the morning for Bee. Her regular class and then fight club. She made ‘star of the class’ in her regular class. Then in the afternoon we did a spot of baking….some biscuits and a cake. The cake ended up raw on the inside as I think the oven was too hot from baking the biscuits first….so covered it with foil to get the inside of it cooked. Then the eldest hadn’t greased the tins enough so they got a bit stuck. By then I had had enough so the decorating wasn’t all that…..but it still tasted good!

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