Project 365 for 2019 – Week 23

Day 154 – Sunday 2nd June

A quiet day. While eldest was at her Quran and Islamic Studies I started getting ready for her birthday celebrations tomorrow. We don’t hold a party as such but I get her presents and a cake and as it was her 13th I had a banner ready which I went and put up at the parents house as we would be cutting the cake there.


Day 155 – Monday 3rd June

The eldest’s birthday today and it was so stressful! I had ordered a special personalised balloon for her which said Happy 13th Birthday, with a horse outline and then filled with feathers. I got a message just before midnight saying that her helium tank had had a leak and she couldn’t make the balloon. She was very apologetic and offered our next balloon for half price but to be fair I doubt I will go back to her. So in the morning I rushed to the party shop to get balloons organised. Managed to get a nice one although not personalised and had to collect it in an hour. I also  had to go collect some personalised items I had ordered for her which I had been expecting to receive yesterday but weren’t ready. The cake lady also realised she didn’t have any cake boxes left (as she is stopping making cakes), went to get one….came back to realise it was the wrong size and had to go back again and get another. However it did all come together in the end…..had to wait to have the cake till after 9pm as she was fasting too but it was worth the wait. Was really nice.


Day 156 – Tuesday 4th June

Some people are celebrating Eid today but we won’t be until tomorrow. There is a difference in opinion about when to celebrate. Some decide to follow Saudi and they declared they had seen the new moon……others prefer to go by local sighting and the moon could not be seen in the UK…some were saying it was scientifically impossible to even see it in Saudi but who knows. I just wish at least the UK would all do it on the same day as makes it hard as sometimes even families are split. Didn’t do much today. So here is a picture of the henna I got done yesterday ready for our celebrations tomorrow.


Day 157 – Wednesday 5th June

After a month of fasting it was now time to celebrate the completion of the month. It was also my birthday so double celebration. Went early to my parents to cook….the girls had sweets and presents…we had some family fun together. Were planning to go to Luton for an Eid festival but then didn’t go. Offered to take the girls to the cinema but the eldest didn’t want to…so they just played on the Wii. Well it saved me some money!


Day 158 – Thursday 6th June

It does seem a shame that after 30 days of fasting we can only celebrate for one day as the schools only allow one day off. In Muslim countries the celebrations can continue for 3 days so we miss out on that atmosphere. But grateful we are allowed a day off. It was nice to actually be able to have breakfast at a normal time rather than 2.30am and hubby treated me to breakfast from Chaiiwala before he headed off to work.


Day 159 – Friday 7th June

It was a ‘book buzz’ at Bee’s school and the kids went to school in their pyjamas. Parents were able to stay and have a spot of breakfast and read with their kids. I had a nice relaxing morning after the reading….and then remembered I had purchased some products from a friend who is a Bodyshop consultant…so was time for a pamper.


Day 160 – Saturday 8th June

Chucking it down with rain today. At Bee’s karate until 1pm. Popped to mums for a spot of lunch and to collect the eldest and then home to chill. I recently got Bee some water colours as she saw them at a friends house and wanted some…so she spent most of the rest of the day painting.

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