Project 365 for 2019 – Week 26

Day 175 – Sunday 23rd June

Not really a huge amount planned today. Eldest went horse riding, we said hello to the horses when the lesson was finished….then had a pretty relaxing Sunday.

Day 176 – Monday 24th June

Bee had cooking club and made a  nice pineapple upside cake. Then in the evening captured a lovely pink sunset.


Day 177 – Tuesday 25th June

Feeling a bit drained today with a slight sore throat so decided not to go to my kick boxing class. Decided to rest and got some blog work done. Completed a post for a charity; Tommy’s Splashathon.


Day 178 – Wednesday 26th June

An uneventful day…Had my Quran class in the morning but after school and Bee’s Quran class and the eldest’s session at her Police Cadet group we were all tired…I think Rosie was too!


Day 179 – Thursday 27th June

Made a quick IGTV video about some books relating to hajj which is coming up in August. Didn’t actually manage to upload it until Friday. First it was too long so made another to shorten it…then it wouldn’t upload…would get to 84% and then fail. So then uploaded it to IMovie and tried to upload it via the laptop….it said it was too long again. Then someone suggested I airdrop it…tried it that way and then said file was wrong! Gave up but on Friday managed to upload it after making another shorter one and trying about 10 times!


Day 180 – Friday 28th June

Nothing special today. So just a picture of our neighbours dog who likes to stick his head in the gap through the fence to have a nosey at what we are doing.


Day 181 – Saturday 29th June

Hottest day so far and had karate in the morning with Bee until 1pm….in between the classes we popped to the garden centre and had a drink and snack….purchased some plants and fed the fish. Then in the afternoon we just chilled and did nothing.

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