Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special with Personalised Gifts

Disclaimer: We were sent some personalised items from Happiness is a Gift. However all thoughts and opinions are our own.

There are so many occasions to give gifts; birthdays, anniversaries, births and marriages, that sometimes you can run out of ideas as to what to give. I know I have started struggling with the girls as I feel like they have everything and it is hard to make it special.

One way to make a gift that little bit more special is to make it personalised. And that is where Happiness is a Gift can help.

Happiness is a Gift logo

There are so many items that can now be personalised that there is sure to be a gift that catches your eye. The Happiness is a Gift website makes it relatively easy to pick a gift with their different categories:

  • Gifts For Her
  • Gifts For Him
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Christening Gifts
  • Kids Gifts
  • Home Accessories

Kids Gifts

There is a wide range of gifts for the children from drinks bottles to wall clocks. As Bee is relatively crafty and complains that I don’t do enough arts and crafts with her, the perfect gift was the girls craft box.

Child holding personalised craft box from Happiness is a Gift

What we love about the box is that it actually comes pre-filled. So you don’t have to worry about getting separate crafty bits to put into the box. There is enough to get your little ones started immediately on some arts and crafts.

Contents include googly eyes of different sizes, feathers, glitter glue, little pom poms and little pegs.

Personalised craft box open to show contents including feathers and googly eyes

I have had to tell Bee to be careful with it as if she is rough with the box I am worried the hinges may break. However, Bee loves it and loves that her name is on it. So her sister is under strict instructions not to touch it!

Gifts for Him

Another category we decided to take a look at was gifts for him. Again there is a wide range gifts from the traditional cufflinks and wallets to aprons and flip flops! With hubby driving for a living and being out for long hours, the perfect item for him is a travel mug. And one with his initials on.

Personalised travel mug with SA initials

It is perfect to keep in his car and use it when he has a break. He can now take it with him and use it in the coffee shops that allow you to take your own mugs to help reduce waste. Other personalisations are Superhero and Dad, however we decided to keep it simple with just his initials.

With Eid coming up and Bee’s birthday I may just have to get some more personalised items for the family!

What do you think of personalised gifts? Do you prefer personalised items when thinking about gifts?

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