Where to Buy your Eid Decorations from Online

Eid is, and should be, an exciting time for children. And one way to bring that excitement into your home is by putting up decorations. Now I must admit that sometimes I do feel that Eid is becoming a bit commercialised but at the same time I do not think there is anything wrong with a spot of decorating. It helps the children get into the spirit of Eid and the girls and I tend to do a mix of home made decorations along with some purchased ones.

Alhamdulillah there is now a wide range of Eid decorations available and I decided to share a few of the companies we have personally come across that provide decorations. Please note that some of these companies have previously sent us complimentary decorations…however I would not include them in my list if I did not trust them as companies.

Anafiya Gifts

Anafiya Gifts sells a range of items including items relating to Hajj and Eid. From balloons, to pyjamas to money envelopes you are sure to find something you like. I could also relate to sister Naomi’s reason for selling Eid decorations:

‘…after spending one summer celebrating Ramadan and Eid in Malaysia, I noticed that this was completely different to what I had experienced in my life as a Muslim in the UK. The whole country stops. Communities open their doors and invite strangers to celebrate with them. Eid was a very big deal.

In an attempt to bring some of the excitement to the UK, I began selling Eid decorations to my local community in Oxford. This was a hit with our earliest customers, as a way of brightening their Eid. But they wanted more. They wanted gifts for their children. Gifts that embrace their Muslim identities and instill a love for Islam.’

You can learn more about Naomi and her business as I previously featured her in my Muslim Mums in Business Series: Anafiya Gifts.

Screenshot of Anafiya Gifts Eid and Hajj products

Silver Lining

There is a range of items for Ramadan and Eid available from Silver Lining. Silver Lining’s aim is to make Ramadan and Eid more exciting and build a beautiful atmosphere, as such that we feel during Christmas and other religious occasions.We aim to increase awareness of Ramadan and Eid within the UK, making it a mainstream religious holiday and hope to bring some, if not all, of the fun and hype you see surrounding these holy days in predominately Muslim countries. You can use my code muslimmummy for a 10% discount.

Eid Party

Eid Party call themselves the one stop shop and it certainly is easy to see why. A wide range of items are available and you are certainly spoilt for choice!

‘We are an Eid & Ramadan Celebration Supplier. Everything we do is focused on satisfying the changing and growing needs of our community. Eidparty.co.uk is a family business based in East London that has been inspiring families to spread the message and joy of Eid since 2013.’

With their huge range of products you can make some stunning displays for Eid.

Islamic Moments

Islamic Moments Logo

Islamic Moments recently won the award for Digital Business of the year 2019 from the British Muslim Awards and it is easy to see why. I have always liked the modern and elegant style of their products and they usually have a new collection each year.

‘With an unrivalled emphasis on quality and attention to detail, our creative team bring to you each season a beautifully crafted collection of meaningful faith inspired stationery and gifts. All our products are designed, printed and produced with extreme dexterity and skilled craftmenship in the UK.’

Peacock Supplies

Peacock Supplies is UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of faith-based and culturally inspired products covering a diverse range of categories such as:

  • party tableware
  • decorations
  • greeting cards
  • stationery
  • novelty gifts
  • and many more!

Islamic Foundation

Not strictly a site for decorations, Islamic Foundation has a small selection of decorations. As they are different from others I have seen, I decided to include them in this post.

‘The Islamic Foundation bookshop and site includes products from around the world, and although it primarily includes books, there are also a range of mats, toys and religious accessories too. Everything listed on this site has either been conceived, commissioned and/or published by the Islamic Foundation or carefully selected by a member of the Islamic Foundation team at some point over the last 40 years.’

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