Project 365 for 2019 – Week 31

Day 210 – Sunday 28th July

Today we did absolutely nothing except laze around in our pyjamas and watch films! Managed to get the latest blog post in my Muslim Mums in Business series live featuring Farhat Amin.

We had an old booster seat in the back of the car which isn’t particularly comfortable at all (plus I don’t like the ones without a high back) so was going to throw it. But then Rosie claimed it as her own and now sleeps on it.

Day 211 – Monday 29th July

Went to Whispnade Zoo today. I had exchanged some Tesco clubcard vouchers back in February and they were about to expire. Took my parents as well and took the car into the zoo so when they got tired they could sit in the car while we wandered around. The last time we went to Whipsnade Zoo was in 2015. Published a blog post in the morning before we left, which I had worked on yesterday, about where to buy your Eid Decorations from Online.


Day 212 – Tuesday 30th July

Relaxed at home today after yesterdays trip. Tried to declutter Bee’s room and rearranged it a bit. She has now been told that anything I find on the floor at the end of the day will end up in the bin no matter what it is. Bee spent the day some crafts and colouring in a T-shirt her dad had got her.


Day 213 – Wednesday 31st July

Went to the cinema to watch The Lion King which we all loved and then in the afternoon popped to the library to sign up to their summer reading challenge.


Day 214 – Thursday 1st August

Took mum to her physiotherapy appointment and then went to my Quran class. On the way home as I was stationary waiting to turning right back into my parents road, someone came and hit my car from behind. It was a shock and initially I was like ‘What the hell just happened?’ We parked up and she came to the car saying she didn’t see me indicate. I told her I was and I have a dash cam that is good at picking up sounds in the car and probably heard the indicator. She said she wasn’t disputing that I wasn’t indicating but that she just didn’t see the indicator.

Got to my parents and rang the insurers. Within a couple of hours the recovery truck had arrived to take the car, her insurers had phoned me to say she had admitted it was her fault and to check I was ok and to offer their help….and the hire car was sorted for the morning as unfortunately they didn’t have one for me today.

I had tickets booked for Drayton Manor tomorrow and my friend (who was going with us) offered that I could drive her car (she is scared of driving long distances), but her car is small and I am now used to bigger 4×4’s and I wasn’t comfortable driving someone else’s car and having to pay for 1 day insurance. So phoned Drayton Manor and they said we have until October to go and I just have to phone up before to say which day we are going. So decided we will go in a couple of weeks time.


Day 215 – Friday 2nd August

Once the replacement car arrived we ended up meeting up with my friend who we were meant to be going Drayton Manor with today. Took the kids to the trampoline park, went out to lunch and then popped to her house for a little while. They have a hamster and now the girls want one too!


Day 216 – Saturday 3rd August

Back to karate today. We had missed the Thursday session due to the car accident. The karate school are doing some extra workshops and one on Bo staff. Bee thought it was going to be scary so they showed her what it would be about and she decided she did want to book on the workshop after all at the end of August.


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