Project 365 for 2019 – Week 37

Day 252 – Sunday 8th September

A quiet Sunday today, generally tidying up and doing the laundry. Started work on a review for a new Stem game: Okido Which Way? Game.


Day 253 – Monday 9th September

Didn’t do much today..been feeling a bit stressed and just needed a day of doing nothing. I think this picture might have been taken yesterday of Rosie so I am cheating slightly….but I didn’t really take a picture of anything today.


Day 254 – Tuesday 10th September

I had ordered some prints a few weeks back and I finally got some frames and framed them up ready to hang up. Felt it was probably best to wait until the hubby was home to try to hang them up.


Day 255 – Wednesday 11th September

A relatively chilled out day. Hubby had the day off so we popped to the Cash and Carry to get some drinks for Bee’s birthday party at the weekend. Was a nice sunny day and then when it was the school run time some formidable clouds formed….thankfully the rain stayed away.


Day 256 – Thursday 12th September

Decided I really need to start making a bit of an effort with walking a bit more, considering I am doing a 10 mile charity walk in a few weeks. I had got hubby to dust off the treadmill as some spiders were hanging about and today I got on it and walked 2 miles. Will keep increasing it until I am close to 10 miles.


Day 257 – Friday 13th September

Had my Quran class in the morning. Haven’t been for a while and it was nice to catch up with the Quran tutor and start lessons again. Finally got all my prints up last night and I am trying to decide if I like them against the blue wall.


Day 258 – Saturday 14th September

Saturday mornings are karate mornings..and with a 1 hour break in between classes we popped to the garden centre across the road with Bee’s friend and had some cake. First time I have had a macha green tea cake and it was quite nice.

In the afternoon popped to the shops to get some balloons and final bits for Bee’s karate party tomorrow.

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