Exploring Woolsthorpe Manor – National Trust

One of the benefits of having a National Trust membership is that it is making me explore places that I might otherwise not have heard of or even bothered going to.

One of these places I discovered which is only about 30 minutes away from us is Woolsthorpe Manor. Woolsthorpe Manor is in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, near Grantham, Lincolnshire. It is the birth place and family home of Sir Isaac Newton; the place where he made some exciting discoveries.

Picture of the front of Woolsthorpe Manor

Woolsthorpe Manor tells the story of Newton’s time at Woolsthorpe, from his birth and childhood to the discoveries of his Year of Wonders. In the 17th century manor house you can stand in the room where he used a prism to split sunlight into the colours of the rainbow, exploring the nature of light. From the window you can see the apple tree in the orchard which inspired his theory of gravity.

In addition to exploring the manor itself, you can stroll through the orchard and see Isaac Newtons apple tree. There are also things for the children to do in the Science Centre.

The Manor

The manor is timed entry only and you can get a free ticket for the manor on arrival (after paying general entry fees) or you can pre-book up to the day before your visit. Although we went in the summer holidays we were still able to get a ticket on the day, but I can imagine on particularly busy days they may run out. Timed entry slots run every 15 minutes and I do feel like 15 mins is enough time to take a look around (although it doesn’t appear you are forced out after 15 mins). The manor itself is well kept and it does feel like you are stepping back into the past. You can see Isaac Newtons bedroom and his parents bedroom where he was born, along with the parlour and what was the kitchen.

Isaac Newton's bedroom showing a bed and writing on the wall

A desk where Isaac Newton did his work. Papers on the desk and writing on the wall


The Orchard and Apple Tree

Just opposite the manor is the orchard with the famous tree. Although the original tree blew down in a storm…it regrew from the roots and is still pretty impressive.

Signage about the orchard and apple tree at Woolsthorpe Manor

Isaac Newtons Apple Tree at Woolsthorpe Manor

Science Centre

Woolsthorpe Manor often do science related events and their science centre is sure to keep the children entertained. The centre is very educational with a lot of facts shared and the children get to be very hands on with some of the experiments.

In addition to the Science centre there is also an activity room with things like puzzles and a film room. Unfortunately on the day of our visit the film was out of order, so we did not get a chance to see it.

Eating at Woolsthorpe Manor

There is a small cafe with limited indoor seating; it did feel a bit too cosy in there. However there are seating areas outside by the cafe if you don’t find space indoors. They can also be used if you take your own picnic. We did not eat in the cafe except to get ice cream so can’t really comment on the food.

Woolsthorpe Manor, although not a very big National Trust property was a lovely way to spend a few hours. If you want to find out more, including prices, you can on the National Trust Website: Woolsthorpe Manor.

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