Project 365 for 2019 – Week 38

Day 259 – Sunday 15th September

The day of Bee’s 7th Birthday. She had a karate party which involved her teaching her friends some moves and general party games. The highlight was her being able to cut her cake with a real samurai sword.


Day 260 – Monday 16th September

Took dad for a check up with the kidney specialist today. He has been getting some swelling in his feet and when she checked she confirmed fluid was there. He has had fluid in his stomach before due to the liver so now we are not sure if this fluid is due to the liver or the kidneys. But apparently some medication that was increased can cause this so she prescribed some water tablets to see if they will help. But he has to have a blood test again in 2 weeks to make sure they aren’t affecting his kidneys adversely. I always hate it when they start messing with his meds as it took a long time to get them right and we were close to losing him while they were trying to figure out the right combination.

Then after school a bit of quality time with the eldest while Bee was at her Quran class. We haven’t been to Costa together for a while. Monday’s have gotten a bit crazy now. Straight after Bee’s Quran class which finishes at 5.30pm, we have to battle the traffic to get to the other side of the city for her Weapons Class which starts at 6pm. We made it with 5 minutes to spare.


Day 261 – Tuesday 17th September

I am starting to use the treadmill a bit more in preparation for my charity walk on the 29th. So my daily steps are increasing.


Day 262 – Wednesday 18th September

A quiet day at home so back on the treadmill. Managed 6.1km on it. I probably could have done more but had to get off to have a shower before some School governor related meetings at school.


Day 263 – Thursday 19th September

One of the karate mums had ordered some nunchucks for Bee for her birthday but they hadn’t arrived in time. She gave them to Bee today. Best get watching some videos now before I let her loose on them. The weapons training at karate at the moment is with the Bo Staff but eventually they will move onto the nunchucks too.


Day 264 – Friday 20th September

Friday’s are usually quite quiet but my Quran classes are now on Friday morning. I hadn’t been for a while due to the summer holidays and it was nice to get back to them and mix with the other ladies. Also managed to write up about a recent visit to a national trust property: Woolsthorpe Manor.


Day 265 – Saturday 21st September

At karate until 1pm then popped to the parents after lunch. Looked for a skipping rope in their garage and found one. Trying to get Bee a bit more active on a daily basis rather than just on the days she goes to karate, so planning to start her off with 10 mins skipping a day.

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