Project 365 for 2019 – Week 39

Day 266 – Sunday 22nd September

Horse riding for the eldest today. Her lesson wasn’t until next week but as she missed last Sunday due to Bee’s birthday and will be missing next Sunday too due to our charity walk…I booked her in today. While she was at horse riding I took Bee to Smyths so she could use her gift card she was given at her birthday. She purchased some LOL things. Got to say I hate them…expensive plastic tat.


Day 267 – Monday 23rd September

Had a full school governors meeting this evening but I was so stretched that I had to send my apologies. Bee had her Quran class and then her karate weapons training….but at the same time the eldest was getting her braces fitted. I wanted to go with her to make sure we knew what we were doing in terms of aftercare. Hubby had a day off so he took Bee to her classes while I went with the eldest.


Day 268 – Tuesday 24th September

Hubby left for Pakistan today. He has gone for 4 weeks to see his family. I do sometimes get miffed that he gets a 4 week holiday without the kids and I don’t, but he does go to see his parents and I can’t begrudge him that. But him going every year and then us not being able to afford a proper family holiday just annoys me sometimes. The cat is pretty happy he has gone…she relaxes more when he isn’t around!


Day 269 – Wednesday 25th September

Went into town to go shopping for a raincoat for the charity walk on Sunday. Heavy rain is forecast and beginning to get a bit nervous about doing it. I haven’t managed to walk as much as I wanted to this week. The treadmill was hard on my legs and a friend said that it can be harder compared to actually walking outside. Decided to take it easy before the actual walk on Sunday. Not sure if that strategy will work…will see.


Day 270 – Thursday 26th September

A governor meeting at school in the morning…got spotted by Bee in school twice! Then at the end of the day she told me she was made school councillor by her fellow classmates. They all voted and she got the most votes. Had some ice cream to celebrate.


Day 271 – Friday 27th September

Quran class in the morning and then back home to get some cooking and other odd jobs done. Received my QR code for the walk on Sunday and some other essential info. Not long left! Didn’t take a picture of anything interesting today so you have a pic of the map for the walk! If anyone would like to sponsor me the link is:


Day 272 – Saturday 28th September

Karate in the morning. We didn’t get to do Fight Club today as belt testings were happening. Decided not to put Bee in for her belt testing this time as it has only been 3 months and I feel she needs more practice before her next one. After class popped to a friends to pick up a Body Shop order and Bee fell in love with her dogs. She tried to convince my friend to let us take one home for the 4 weeks her dad is away! Then back to town to try to find some trousers that are a bit waterproof for the walk tomorrow. Got home and rented Aladdin on Amazon and watched that with the girls.

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