Project 365 for 2019 – Week 42

Day 287 – Sunday 13th October

I think I am cheating with todays photo…as I think I might have taken this later in the week…..but we didn’t do much today. The eldest was still feeling a bit dodgy after getting the sickness bug yesterday so we all just rested at home. So Rosie asleep pretty much reflects what we did all day.


Day 288 – Monday 14th October

Although the eldest had seemed like she was better by the end of the day yesterday…she woke up at 4am being sick again. So she was off school again and I was stuck at home even though I had wanted to go get some boots today. So a bit of  blogging stuff done and then trying to find something on Netflix again to watch.


Day 289 – Tuesday 15th October

I kept eldest off school again today…she said she had a bad headache and she doesn’t ever fake it to avoid going to school…so let her rest at home. Not the best week to be off school as they are doing assessments but cant be helped. I decided to sort out the kitchen cupboards and then decided to bake a cake as I was bored.


Day 290 – Wednesday 16th October

Sent the eldest off to school. She was better and I had stuff to do today. Had a maths workshop at Bee’s school today to learn about how they teach maths. Then took dad to his hospital appointment with the liver specialist. She had nothing to say really as recent scans and blood tests have again showed that the liver has not worsened anymore. However his kidney function is low….it has been low for a while but it seems it is gradually worsening…but no where near to needing dialysis yet. The GP is still working on dads swollen feet….they think it was due to an increase in his blood pressure meds so they have lowered the dosage and given him different meds as the meds the kidney doctor gave did not help at all.


Day 291 – Thursday 17th October

Finally got to meet up with the friend I had to cancel on last week due to the sickness bug. We went and had some fruit bubble tea first…then did a spot of shopping and finally got myself some boots…and then met up with another friend for lunch. Was a lovely morning and I needed to get out. Decided to try out a vegan place for lunch but have to say I wasn’t impressed. The chips were nice though.


Day 292 – Friday 18th October

Went into Bee’s class in the morning for a ‘book buzz’ session where they encourage the parents to come in and read with the kids for 10-15 mins. They have turned it into a competition with the class who gets the most parents coming in receiving a prize. Then in the evening Bee had a nunchuck workshop at her karate as an introduction before it is introduced into the weapons classes. Filled up the car on the way home and got a natural bar free as part of the rewards programme. It was quite nice and want to try the other flavours now.


Day 293 – Saturday 19th October

Usual routine of karate in the morning until 1pm. Treated the girls to a Krispy Kreme in between classes. Then a bit of shopping in the afternoon.

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