Project 365 for 2019 – Week 41

Day 280 – Sunday 6th October

Not much planned for today. Eldest went to her horse riding but as it had been raining heavily myself and Bee didn’t go to see the horses after as the entrance into the stables gets really muddy. Had a look at Bee’s homework…she has to do a project about a country she has been to/wants to go to. Decided to write some facts about the United Arab Emirates as she went to Dubai when she was little.


Day 281 – Monday 7th October

Not much planned for today, popped to the shops to get a few bits and pieces. The picture is of Bee practicing her Arabic letters. Her teacher asked me to try to spend at least 10 mins daily with her to practice them. I had been a bit lazy as with school and all her after school activities and quran classes by the time we are home theres just time for dinner, relaxing a bit and then bed. Decided to try the 10 mins in the morning. We are usually ready with time to spare so seems the perfect time to practice them.

Also quickly wrote a post about the Peterborough STEM festival we will be attending on Saturday.


Day 282 – Tuesday 8th October

Another completely lazy to be honest. Managed to catch up with some blog work. Finally got a post live about our trip to Edinburgh which was last summer….only taken me over a year to write it! Munched away on some crisps I had found…they were so moreish.


Day 283 – Wednesday 9th October

Wednesday morning was horrible. Bee woke up around 1am vomiting…got it on the hallway carpet, the bathroom floor, the cupboard and a bit on her bedroom carpet too. She kept randomly vomiting until 6.30am so both of us didn’t get much sleep. She had vomited on her bean bag and teddy. I couldn’t save the bean bag…but put the teddy in the washing machine and hoped for the best. Thankfully it survived. I also had a busy day planned today…had a governor meeting in the morning and was hoping to see a friend who had had a baby boy over the weekend…but with the husband still away and no-one to look after Bee I had to cancel everything. Plus I wouldn’t go to see a newborn baby incase I was carrying the virus that Bee had.


Day 284 – Thursday 10th October

Another day stuck at home. Although Bee was much better she had a slight temp and said she felt wobbly. So decided to rest up. I was meant to be meeting up with a friend for a catch up and some tea but obviously had to cancel that too! She had to be sick on the days I actually had stuff planned rather than on the days I was doing nothing! So while she watched TV downstairs I caught up with some programmes on Netflix on the laptop in my room.


Day 285 – Friday 11th October

Bee went back to school today. I was hoping to go into town to get some bits and pieces but got a message saying that Hermes would deliver a parcel between 10am -2pm. So decided to stay at home. However at 1.30pm I got another message saying it would be delivered 2-6pm so my whole morning was wasted for nothing! I was not impressed. No pictures taken today except for one of Rosie who seems fond of hugging and sitting next to shoes.


Day 286 – Saturday 12th October

A picture just for the sake of it today as all we have done is lie around and watch TV. The other child now woke up vomiting but thankfully she made it to the bathroom in time so no clean up after! We were meant to be going to the STEM festival but with the eldest clearly having the vomiting bug…and my stomach feeling a bit dodgy it was not a good idea. Such a shame as we were looking forward to going.

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