Project 365 for 2019 – Week 44

Day 301 – Sunday 27th October

Did absolutely nothing today. Had been feeling rough yesterday and I just felt worse today with a bit of a temperature and a runny nose. So I spent pretty much all day in bed watching stuff on the laptop while the kids watched TV downstairs.


Day 302 – Monday 28th October

Still feeling a bit rough but not as bad as yesterday. I am seriously beginning to feel like it might be the end of the road for my blog and social media. The only regular thing I have been doing is Project 365…and I keep thinking to quit….as I don’t always enjoy it. So I have given myself one last chance to get motivated….otherwise it is curtains. In an attempt to get motivated I have decided to do a weekly IGTV featuring an Islamic kids book. Will see if I can keep it up…but the first one I started with is Allah Knows All About Me.


Day 303 – Tuesday 29th October

Not much planned today. Still not feeling 100% but not bad enough to stay in bed. Did some cooking and then while Bee was at her Quran class after school, treated myself and the eldest to a Costa. She had some cake while I had a hot chocolate. Was nice to spend a bit more time together.


Day 304 – Wednesday 30th October

Hubby went to work late so went shopping after he had dropped the girls to school. And then he treated me to a panini for lunch. Then the usual school run and taking Bee to her Quran class. Bee has been wanting to start a jigsaw since her birthday but we don’t really have space for it anywhere…I keep meaning to buy a jigsaw board but haven’t got round to it. So just said to her to make it on the living room floor out of the way and promised not to break it up until it is finished.


Day 305 – Thursday 31st October

A quiet day so caught up with emails and blog posts. Wrote up my October Monthly Gratitude post. Then parents evening for Bee this evening. The teacher says she’s really good with her reading, writing and maths, and is popular …..but she gets distracted easily and can distract others. Her work is of a high standard but usually she is the last to finish due to getting distracted easily…so she can’t push her to do more. But the teacher didn’t seem too concerned about it as its the first half term in Year 2 they have had to adjust to more ‘serious’ work. She reminded me of some of the more difficult words the children are meant to know by the end of Year 2.


Day 306 – Friday 1st November

My cold has been lingering all week but today it got worse. Dragged myself to my Quran class but my eyes were randomly watering and I just felt bad. Thankfully hubby came home early and then he collected Bee from school…then took the eldest to her Quran class and Bee to a birthday party. I had been wondering how I was going to manage with watering eyes so was pleased when he came home! Bee brought home some sweets from the party.


Day 307 – Saturday 2nd November

Today was the final interclub of the year at karate. We got to the dojo at 9.45 for the start of her 2 lessons…and then interclub began at 1.30pm. So we spent pretty much all day there. She won in her group and then was also crowned one of the 8 grand champions…..the top 8 scorers over the last 6 competitions. So proud of her as just over a year ago she had started saying she didn’t want to go to karate….but the change in martial arts school was the best decision I made. She has made some good friends and her confidence has improved.

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