Project 365 for 2019 – Week 45

Day 308 – Sunday 3rd November

A pretty quiet Sunday as usual. Eldest had her horse riding and so we went to say hello to the horses again and gave them polos. Then just chilling at home.


Day 309 – Monday 4th November

I was planning to go to the park in the morning as a local lady is trying to encourage Muslim Women to get back on their bikes and start a bike riding group. Today was to help those who couldn’t ride or hadn’t ridden for a while. However hubby unexpectedly decided to take the day off so we ended up getting some odd jobs done that needed doing. Messaged the lady and she said they are starting a regular group from next Monday so might try to get to that. Managed to do another peak into an Islamic kids book on IGTV again…a series I started last week. This week the book I chose was Thank You O Allah.


Day 310 – Tuesday 5th November

Decided to pop to Costa again today with the eldest while Bee was at her Quran class. She decided to try the white hot chocolate but wasn’t impressed with it.


Day 311 – Wednesday 6th November

Today was spent at Bee’s school for an all day Governor day. Got spotted by Bee a few times and her friends as Bee’s class is opposite the head teachers class… I got a lot of ‘Look it’s Bee’s mummy!’ Didn’t really take any photos today so you have one of Rosie…she saves the day when I haven’t taken a picture of anything else!


Day 312 – Thursday 7th November

Today was the eldest’s parents evening. Had to see around 12 teachers so a bit of rushing around and waiting around. All of them were happy with her….a common thing they said was that she needs to be a bit confident in class and also in her abilities. Even the maths teacher said she is not as bad as she thinks. In some subjects she is already working at GCSE level so if she pushes herself she will do really well. Didn’t really take many pictures today that I want to share…so you have a picture of lots of leaves in Bee’s school playground! Love the colours. I have started going back into school on Thursday afternoons to read with the children for an hour.


Day 313 – Friday 8th November

Popped to the parents for a little while after picking dad up from the mosque and noticed these flowers in the garden. I had got my mum this plant a few years ago for mothers day. It was in an indoor basket but when it died out they planted it outside. It has done really well this year.


Day 314 – Saturday 9th November

No karate for Bee today as there was an event happening at the gym. It is rare to have a weekend of doing absolutely nothing so felt a bit lost! Did think about going out for the day but decided instead to just chill at home for once. Agreed to do some baking with Bee and made some cookies. They were actually pretty good!


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