Project 365 for 2019 – Week 49

Day 335– Sunday 1st December

Hubby took today off and we ended up going to Leicester as he had to drop something off to a friend…and we decided to have lunch. Went to Pamson Grill which is one of our favourite places to eat there.

Day 336– Monday 2nd December

Was meant to be joining the ladies for a bike ride but to be honest I was feeling really cold..there was frost first thing and I was really struggling to get my feet to feel warm. So decided not to go and stayed at home with the heating on and wrapped up! Did some cooking and did an instagram post for some products I had been sent.

In the evening heard from hubby that he had been involved in a 4 car accident. He was at the back. Thankfully he and everyone else were fine but the company car got written off. Thankfully he has his own car too so can continue to work.

Day 337– Tuesday 3rd December

Not much planned today except taking mum to her physio appointment. Hubby came home early from work as his car had developed a fault and he had to get it looked at. Apparently it is still drive able but needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Day 338– Wednesday 4th December

A day of getting blog stuff sorted for my blog and Muslimah Bloggers. Completed a review post on Detective Dot. Went to Costa after school with the eldest while Bee was at her Quran class. Then had a school governors meeting in the evening.

Detective Dot Megapack bundle

Day 339– Thursday 5th December

It has been a really rubbish week. Hubby ended up coming home from work early as the fault in his car worsened and he can’t drive it now until it’s fixed. Thankfully he had already ordered the parts which had set us back £600 which we could have done without spending. He can collect the parts tomorrow. So just a picture of Rosie as didn’t take any others.

Day 340– Friday 6th December

We got woken at just after 6am by a phone call. I always get panicked when the phone goes at odd times as it usually means something is wrong with the parents and I need to get there. This time though it was news about my FIL. Apparently he was taken ill and was at hospital. Was vomiting and placed on oxygen. It ended up leaving us stressed and helpless as we are in a different country and can’t exactly do anything while we are here. Hubby kept phoning for updates and by the end of the day he was much better and just having some tests…we think it was a minor heart attack. Apparently his blood had thickened…to me it sounds like angina which is what my dad had and had to have blood thinners.

Life still had to go on and hubby managed to get his car fixed and ended up going to work for a few hours in the evening. I had signed Bee up to Children’s University and went to collect her ‘passport’ today.

Day 341– Saturday 7th December

Hubby phoned his family as soon as he woke up and his dad was doing much better and they are just doing more tests.

Karate in the morning. Bee said she didn’t feel like doing fight club so we went home after her normal class. I wasn’t in the mood for sitting around for another hour either so was happy to just go home. On the way home we stopped at a cafe for a spot of lunch. Bee wanted pancakes.

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