Project 365 for 2019 – Week 51

Day 349 – Sunday 15th December

We were invited to a press evening this Thursday to see another panto at a different venue after watching Beauty and the Beast panto last week. However Thursdays are hectic due to the eldests Quran class and Bee’s karate. When I mentioned this and apologised for not being able to make it, they were kind enough to offer us any date before the 19th. So off we went to see the Wizard of Oz. It was amazing and so much fun! You can read my quick review here: The Wizard of Oz at The New Theatre.

Day 350 – Monday 16th December

Hubby took today off work so went food shopping before he went off to get his car checked over. I, of course, got tempted by all the christmassy chocolate stuff.

Day 351 – Tuesday 17th December

Met up with a friend who had an op on her her some flowers to cheer her up and then we popped to a cafe for a bit of a treat. Ordered a brownie and it was huge!

Day 352 – Wednesday 18th December

A relatively quiet day. Went shopping to find Bee a cheap Christmas jumper for her school Winterland Concert tomorrow but the ones I had seen at Asda before for £5 weren’t there anymore…..and I refuse to pay much more for something she probably won’t ever wear again. So I used some tinsel the eldest had when she decorated the horses at the stables, and sewed on some pieces to a furry jacket she had to make it Christmassy. The cat seemed a bit bemused by the tinsel.

Day 353 – Thursday 19th December

A busy day. Went into school in the morning as I said I would help make Christingles for their Christingle concert tomorrow. Then in the afternoon went back to the school for the Winter Wonderland concert….got front row seats though for helping make the Christingles. Then in the evening it was Quran class for the eldest and karate for Bee. In the afternoon a Toniebox arrived for us to review. It was meant to arrive last week but didn’t and I am scheduled in to run my review and giveaway on Saturday. It didn’t really leave me much time to get decent photos or a very detailed review written.

It was the eldest’s last day of school today!

Day 354 – Friday 20th December

Bee has been complaining of a sore throat since yesterday and she felt a bit warm today. But it was the final day of school today and she wasn’t so bad that she couldn’t go so off she went.

I have never been to the Christingle concert at the school before…but seeing as this year I helped make them and Bee was going to be carrying one (only Year 2’s are allowed to hold them) I decided to go along. I must admit I was nervous seeing 90 kids holding lit Christingles but it all went off without a hitch. Then popped to the shops with hubby for a bit more food shopping…stocking up as I hate going out food shopping in the holidays as it is always packed in the run up to Christmas. Pointed out to hubby that he could at least buy me some flowers and he did! I managed to get my blog post live on my favourite Islamic books of 2019.

Bee started getting a temperature in the evening and started coughing a lot.

Day 355 – Saturday 21st December

Bee woke up coughing quite badly and I’ve ended up with a sore throat. So I guess we won’t be doing much these first few days of the holidays…but to be honest I hadn’t planned anything anyway except to just relax and declutter the house. I had started decluttering yesterday while Bee was at school and managed to find a permanent place for her trophies and medals from her interclub competitions. Cheating a bit by sharing a photo taken yesterday but there is nothing to take a photo of today as we are all just feeling rough and sick. Even the eldest has had a lingering cold for the past 2 weeks.

Got my post about the Toniebox and Tonies live. There is a flash 24 hour giveaway if anyone would like to enter. Not happy with the quality of some of the photos but all I could manage in such a short space of time and with Bee feeling rough.

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