Project 365 for 2019 – Week 52

So another year is up and a whole year of Project 365 completed again! See you next year for a new start!

Day 356 – Sunday 22nd December

Rosie pretty much sums up how our holidays are going to go. Bee is coughing lots and my throat hurts aswell….didn’t have much planned anyway so these holidays are going to be a lot of TV and staying indoors.

Day 357 – Monday 23rd December

Continuing from yesterday….on the sofa…..watching TV. Bee played with Rosie for a bit.

Day 358 – Tuesday 24th December

A quiet day not doing much except blog work. Finally got a review live for the Wizard of Oz panto and also worked on a post for Oriental Fragrance from Elite Perfumery to make live tomorrow and then just pretty much watched TV all day.

Day 359 – Wednesday 25th December

I was all prepared to sit at home and watch all the Christmas TV but hubby rang at around 10am to say get ready as he was on his way home…and that we were going to London to see some friends. We have been meaning to go for a while as two friends had lost their dads recently…I didn’t really want to go as hate imposing on people without at least a days notice and Bee and myself weren’t fully better. But off we went. On the way back we decided to stop off at Cambridge to see the new eco mosque. It is stunning and have written about it: Cambridge Central Mosque.

Day 360 – Thursday 26th December

After yesterdays travels we just rested up today again and watched more TV. Bee’s cough got worse after yesterday. Didn’t go out to the sales as didn’t really need anything and frankly don’t have any money to waste on things we don’t actually need and would just be buying because there are in the sales. Didn’t really take a picture of anything except for Bee’s nails which she could painted yesterday in London at our friends house.

Day 361 – Friday 27th December

Got to admit another day of doing nothing. It is driving me a bit crazy but with Bee coughing a lot and feeling run down myself we are just resting up. Finally got round to watching Mary Poppins Returns. I have paid for NOW TV movies for a month as knew we wouldn’t be doing much these holidays.

Day 362 – Saturday 28th December

I am not venturing out as hate rush and don’t want to spend unnecessarily. But we ordered some dessert in the evening after a day of tablets and TV and general chilling!

Day 363 – Sunday 29th December

Another day spent at home. The eldest decided she wanted to bake some cookies and said she didn’t need any supervision. The cookies were taking a while and then I realised she wasn’t actually shutting the oven door properly. Once she did shut it they cooked fairly quickly and got a bit burnt. The ones that weren’t burnt did taste pretty good. She has decided she’s better at making pancakes.

Day 364 – Monday 30th December

Actually got out today. Eldest went to the orthodontist to get her braces straightened for the first time. I loved the Christmas tree they had in reception…so pretty. The orthodontist for some reason added pink bands to her lower teeth when the top were orange. He didn’t even ask and she hates pink…although I am thinking that because the orange ones have faded slightly he thought they might be pink.

Day 365 – Tuesday 31st December

Last week I booked to see Frozen 2 today and so glad I did book in advance. It was full! The girls loved it but I have to say I thought the first one was better!

And that is it! Another year of project 365 completed!! Looking forward to seeing what you all get up to in 2020!

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