Eating Out at Spice Village

We often find ourselves driving to Southall to dine out. Yes it is almost a 2 hour journey but we love going for a trip out and also get some shopping done.

There are a number of restaurants on Broadway, Southall and one of the restaurants we often find ourselves at is Spice Village.

The founders of Spice Village crafted a magic mix of spices, service and ambience to deliver the healthiest Pakistani cuisine in the UK.

Hubby prefers pakistani cuisine over anything else so is always on the look out for good Pakistani restaurants – which is one of the reasons we end up at Spice Village. He likes the food there!


As soon as you walk in you are welcomed and taken to a table. The majority of the time when we have visited it has not been peak lunch or dinner time so have never had trouble getting a table.

The first thing you notice are the chefs busy at work preparing the food. I personally like being able to see the area the chefs are in and what they are doing.

The orange lighting and what I can only describe as generally muted colours gives a relaxed ambience to the whole venue.

As much as I liked the atmosphere, I did feel like perhaps some of the decor is beginning to look a bit tired, for example the leather seats are beginning to look a bit worn.

The toilets were simple and generally clean. However one had a toilet seat broken.

Service and Food

We have been to Spice Village a number of times and the majority of the time we have been satisfied with the food. This time we didn’t order a lot, our order consisted of:

  • Chatpata Chana Chaat £5.99
  • Whole Charga Chicken £9.99
  • Chicken Tikka Biryani £8.99
  • Village Famous Masala Fish £7.99
  • Chips £2.99
  • 2 Diet Cokes £3.20

Being a fan of chaat I had to give their Chatpata Chana Chaat a try.

Described as ‘Spicy and Tangy with Zing – taste this to have an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

I must admit when I first saw it it didn’t look overly appetising as I have seen better presented chaats. However the taste certainly didn’t disappoint and you did indeed get an explosion of flavours! This is certainly one we will be having on future visits.

Bee loves chicken and hubby wanted to stick with just grilled food on this occasion so the whole chicken charga seemed like the perfect choice.

I personally didn’t try it but was told by hubby that it was perfectly cooked…and the fact that Bee ate it without complaint was a good sign!

The eldest went for her usual fish and chips…and also had no complaints. I did though feel like the chip portion was a bit on the small side for the price.

For myself, as a fan of biryani I had to order the chicken tikka biryani.

The biryani was aromatic and a delight on the tastebuds. However what did let it down on this occasion was that some of the chicken pieces felt extremely chewy. I ended up putting some of them aside, but the actual taste of the biryani was faultless with its fusion of spices.

The food arrived very quickly and when asked for extra plates and forks they were provided quickly so there are no complaints about the service.

If you visit Southall then do consider Spice Village if you are looking for somewhere to eat. Do let me know what you think if you do go.

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