Week 2 of 2020 – Project 366

Only week 2 but it feels like the New Year was ages away. Back to routine and busy with school and after school activities!

Sunday Day 5 – 5th January

Was planning to go Leicester to see a friend but woke up late…got lazy and ended up not going. I think being lazy over the Christmas holidays made me totally lazy. So just generally did a bit of tidying up, while the girls did their own thing….watching TV, reading, playing. Ordered pizza as couldn’t be bothered to cook in the evening.

Monday Day 6 – 6th January

Final day of the school holidays and debated whether to go somewhere….decided to finish off the holidays doing what we ended up dong most of the holidays….relaxing and not doing a lot. Ended up watching the final episode of Harry Potter…we have been watching them all over the holidays. Bee hasn’t though..she would find them too scary so usually she has been reading or on the tablet.

Tuesday Day 7 – 7th January

Back to school! Time to get up at a reasonable hour and actually get dressed rather than live in pyjamas most of the time! Ironed my clothes and Rosie thought they would be nice and comfortable to sleep on. When I had to move her I got a very indignant miaow! Was good though to stop being lazy and get into a routine again!

Wednesday Day 8 – 8th January

Bee’s karate school have decided to do ‘Life Skills’ each month. For December it was ‘Contribution’. We had forgotten to complete it over the holidays..to be honest I thought it was all voluntary but it had to be completed. As part of it she had to do something nice for someone at home, someone at her karate school and also at school. In addition to this she had to do a random act of kindness for someone she didn’t know. Now I am slightly wary of going up to strangers these days…so instead I decided to buy her a plant and will be taking her to one of my parents neighbours who I knew growing up but she doesn’t know.

Thursday Day 9 – 9th January

Bee went to my parents neighbour today to give her the plant. She was so happy to get the plant and spent some time chatting to Bee and Bee of course had to show off her karate moves. Was nice and it clearly made her day.

Bee’s karate school have decided to start a 2nd weapons class in addition to the one on Monday. Seeing as we are already there on Thursday for a class I agreed to Bee doing the weapons class. I would rather go home at 7pm after her initial class but she wants to do the weapons class too. So now we won’t be home on Thursdays until after 8. However today the eldest had her GCSE options evening so I had to go with her. Hubby ended up taking today off work instead of Sunday so he could take Bee to karate while I took the eldest. The eldest now has until the 7th February to pick what subjects she wants to do for GCSE.

Friday Day 10 – 10th January

First week of school done! Think it has been tiring for everyone getting back into the swing of things! Bee was crashed out on the floor reading her book in the evening, and Rosie came and lay down next to her. Thought it was sweet. Rosie doesn’t like being picked up and held…but she will sit as close as she can to you.

Saturday Day 11 – 11th January

Karate in the morning for Bee and then the eldest’s Islamic Studies in the afternoon. In between the two we stopped at a local cafe for a spot of lunch. While at karate I managed to start reading a book…the usual mums I chat to weren’t there as the classes have changed a bit which means I sometimes have two hours to kill…so have started taking books with me.

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