Week 3 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 12 – 12th January

Sundays are lazy days now. However as soon as the girls got up they started bickering…making me annoyed. Ended up getting Bee baking to distract her…although not sure why I did that as I hate baking! Bee wants to go swimming…thinking to sign her up just so we have got something to do on Sundays, otherwise all they do is fight!

Monday Day 13 – 13th January

Back to getting some IGTV quick reviews on kids Islamic books done. Got that uploaded and then got on the treadmill…on a mission to get fit and lose some weight before the summer holidays. Also got a post live about my 2020 goals.

Bee has been chosen to do Maths Club after school so Monday’s, so our evenings have gotten even more hectic….and we don’t get home until after 7 as she also has her Quran class and weapons class at karate.

Tuesday Day 14 – 14th January

A completely lazy day today. Worked on a book review for The Penguin Party. It is a lovely book which you can personalise. There is a 15% discount on the book if anyone is interested. Rosie kept me company while I worked on the blog.

Wednesday Day 15 – 15th January

Not much happening today. Had a school governor meeting in the afternoon. Popped to Morrisons while waiting for Bee to finish her Quran class and spotted these. Thought I would try them..not bad but not something I would buy again.

Thursday Day 16 – 16th January

Hubby was off work today…I was a bit stressed and in a bad mood due to a few issues….and he decided to take me out to lunch. Food always helps!

Friday Day 17 – 17th January

Hubby was home in the morning and just had a relaxing morning. Heard that local lady lost 6 members of her family in a fire in Pakistan so went over in the evening to offer our condolences.

Didn’t really take any pictures of anything so here is a picture of Rosie.

Saturday Day 18 – 18th January

Karate classes in the morning…and then a Superhero themed party. The karate school were doing it for free and the members could take a friend with them. Bee was so excited to be able to take one of her friends. They all had an amazing time.

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