Week 4 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 19 – 19th January

Nothing planned today so got the eldest to help and attempted a deep clean of the kitchen. It was sunny outside and Rosie ventured out. Spotted her on top of the garden shed surveying the neighbourhood.

Monday Day 20 – 20th January

Was feeling a bit lazy but dragged myself out to the park to join the ladies cycling group. Rode around for an hour. Then went straight to a trial sessions for a pilates class..haven’t done pilates in a long time. I was the only one there so it ended up as a one to one. Managed to get one of my quick IGTV book reviews live before I went out for the day.

Tuesday Day 21 – 21st January

A quiet day. Couldn’t decide what to have for lunch so popped to mums with the excuse that I needed to use their sewing machine…which I did as mine was shoved to the back of the cupboard and would have taken too much effort to get it out. They had made keema (mince) so was a good result! Had lunch there!

Wednesday Day 22 – 22nd January

Went out to lunch with some friends. Was nice to get out and have a bit of a laugh. One of the friends recently had a baby and she needed the break!

Thursday Day 23 – 23rd January

Hubby was off work today and had a pretty lazy day until the girls came home from school….when it was 2 hours of karate for Bee and an hour of Quran class for the eldest.

I had entered a giveaway over on instagram for a How To Train Your Dragon annual. The girls love the dragons…and I won! They were pleased to see the book when it arrived today!

Friday Day 24 – 24th January

A lazy morning as hubby didn’t go to work until the afternoon. We ended up booking a short break to South Wales for the end of July! Looking forward to that now.

Then Bee had a special workshop at karate which was the The Philippine art of Escrima Sticks. She enjoyed that. Didn’t really take any pictures but here’s one of Rosie reflecting how we were feeling by the end of the day.

Saturday Day 25 – 25th January

Karate in the morning, eldest’s Islamic Studies in the afternoon and then a mehndi to attend in the evening. A mehndi is one of the ceremonies held before a wedding. The groom to be is actually getting married in Pakistan but they had a party here before they left so their friends and family in the UK could participate in at least one event.

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