Week 5 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 26 – 26th January

Bee started her swimming lessons today. It’s just 30 mins in the pool but she loved it and wished she could have stayed in longer. The place is kept so warm that there is condensation dripping off the ceiling! Although there are a number of lessons going on at the same time, the groups themselves are kept small with about a maximum of 8 children.

Monday Day 27 – 27th January

Dad had an appointment today with the renal department who are keeping an eye on his kidneys. His kidneys only function at around 31% and have been like that for a while…it has gone down 1% but at the moment they are not concerned. I did feel like all this could have been said on the phone to save us going there….the hassle of parking, waiting, and then just to be told all is OK. Dad did mention he has been getting leg cramps and she suggested he try tonic water. I missed the ladies cycling group this morning due to the appointment…but I have been thinking to quit it as they are are now venturing out on the main roads and having thought about it I don’t want to ride on the busy roads.

Tuesday Day 28 – 28th January

Today was a bit of a chilled out day, just general cleaning and cooking and watching Netflix. Rosie wanted belly rubs.

Wednesday Day 29 – 29th January

Bee had homework to hand in today but we had forgotten to do it. I thought we had longer! Thankfully something made me check in the evening, realised we had missed the deadline and we quickly did it. She said only a few other kids had handed it in so we weren’t the only ones who were late!

Thursday Day 30 – 30th January

Hubby was off work today so we had a quiet relaxing morning. In the evening it was back at karate for two hours. I have managed to finish one book already and have started my second one. I am enjoying getting back into reading. Got home to find hubby had got me a box of chocolates while he was killing time in Morrisons waiting for the eldest to finish her 1 hour Quran class.

Friday Day 31 – 31st January

Hubby was home in the morning so got him to come to the shops with me….needed some pot plants and compost. Repotted a plant but managed to snap one of its roots and now hoping it survives that! Also repotted the eldest’s Aloe Vera plant and separated some of what I think is it’s pups. Hoping they survive too as she has promised them to her friends.

Saturday Day 32 – 1st February

A long day at karate today as Bee had classes in the morning and then the first interclub of the year. She came second. She was initially nervous and then got over confident when she realised she was in the same category as last year with her friends who she beat. This time one beat her and she was upset about it. But I was kind of glad as it taught her not to get over confident and will make her work harder in her classes.

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