Week 7 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 40 – 9th February

Swimming class in the morning and then ventured out in the storm in the afternoon to a Kidsfest that was happening. It was for up to 15 year olds but am glad I didn’t take the eldest as there really wasn’t that much for her to do based on the price of the ticket. But Bee had lots of fun with her friend.

Monday Day 41 – 10th February

Wasn’t feeling too great this morning so didn’t go to pilates. Just rested up. Very strange weather today…was sunny one minute….went really dark suddenly….I went to the bathroom…came out and the car was getting covered in snow! It didn’t last long and seems to have melted as quickly as it came.

Tuesday Day 42 – 11th February

Back to the orthodontist today first thing in the morning for tightening of the eldest’s braces. They replaced some brackets and this time the eldest chose the colour black! By the end of the day she was in pain…it is the first time the pain has really bothered her and did feel a bit sorry for her.

Wednesday Day 43 – 12th February

Been feeling a bit low recently. Really want to find a job now and go out to work so did some job hunting. Found one I wouldn’t mind doing..but I am lacking some expertise that they want…but was worth a shot. Also did some blog stuff and got a giveaway live to tickets to Zippo’s Circus in Blackheath Common in London. Rosie kept me company more most of the day….she snores a lot.

Thursday Day 44 – 13th February

Hubby’s day off today. Just chilled at home for most of the day. Killed some time in the evening at Aldi while Bee was at karate. Found these nut bars which are low carb. Not bad tasting….might go back and get some more.

Friday Day 45 – 14th February

Another chilled out Friday morning as hubby was home. Then went to collect cupcakes for his birthday which is tomorrow, and cricket for Bee in the evening.

Saturday Day 46 – 15th February

Woke up fully expecting to do the usual routine of karate in the morning and the eldest’s Islamic Studies class in the afternoon but Bee managed to convince the hubby to take off the morning/afternoon so we could go out to eat to celebrate his birthday. Ended up going to Leicester to one of our favourite restaurants Pamson Grill, and then he went to work late afternoon. Was nice for once not to be rushing around on a Saturday morning.

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