Week 8 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 47 – 16th February

Usual Sunday swimming lesson for Bee in the morning and then just chilling in the afternoon. Managed to get the review live for the night light we had been sent to review: Ayat Al Kursi Night Light.

Monday Day 48 – 17th February

A day where we did absolutely nothing until it was time for Bee’s Quran class and karate in the evening. We needed a lazy morning/afternoon. I managed to get a book review live: Imagine by Shoohada Khanom.

Tuesday Day 49 – 18th February

We decided to go with some friends to Inflatation which opened recently….which basically is loads of inflatables with balls! Bee had a lot of fun but the eldest found it a bit boring as her friends couldn’t make it. I did find it a bit expensive to be honest….£10 for an hour. Afterwards popped to the garden centre which was next door and had a look at some of the animals that were there. The turkey followed us and it looked like it wanted to go for my handbag.

Wednesday Day 50 – 19th February

Hubby usually takes Thursday off but he decided to take today off instead as I didn’t want the girls to miss their Thursday classes. Initially we weren’t sure what to do and then decided to go to Birmingham to check out a buffet at Star City. Bee had some fun on the rides and had a go at Mini Golf. She loved the chocolate fountain at the restaurant.

Thursday Day 51 – 20th February

Popped into the city centre in the morning has had to get some leggings for Bee. Also wanted to get a box of chocolates for a friend who I recently discovered is in hospital and will be for the next couple of months. Dropped Bee off at my mums and got my nephew to take me and the eldest to the hospital….parking can be a nightmare there so was glad to find out it was the nephews day off so he could drop us off and pick us up too. Then Bee’s karate in the evening..she made Star of the Class and got told she will be belt testing next month. Hubby stopped off at karate on the way home from work and we went to the shops to kill some time. Found some cheap valentines day chocolate.

Friday Day 52 – 21st February

Decided to take the girls to the local museum for their half term event. Then treated the girls to lunch out. And finally cricket in the evening.

Saturday Day 53 – 22nd February

Karate in the morning and then decided to stop off at the cafe for a light lunch. Got home ready to relax and mum called as she needed to go to someones house…so had to drag myself back out.

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