Week 9 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 54 – 23rd February

Bee didn’t have her swimming class today due to it being half term so for once on a Sunday we had nothing to do! Let the girls just chill and do nothing and watch Netflix and play on the wii….I also just relaxed and managed to write a blog post about the Children’s University.

Monday Day 55 – 24th February

Girls back to school and I decided to try a new exercise class in the morning. Went pretty good. Then I had to go to pilates in the afternoon as a I have paid for some sessions in advance. Did worry if it might be too much but managed to get through it. The instructor has noticed my shoulders are a bit tight and I hunch forward a bit. So she told me of some exercises to do daily to loosen them up.

Tuesday Day 56 – 25th February

After my exercise classes yesterday I was in agony. My legs were aching so bad…going up and down stairs was agony and I was even wincing when walking. Spent pretty much all day at home just chilling..Rosie as per usual kept me company.

Wednesday Day 57 – 26th February

Didn’t really do much again today….some blog stuff, some cleaning, some job hunting online to see whats available. So just another picture of Rosie. She has slowly started venturing back into the conservatory now whenever there is a hint of sun. In the summer months she is always asleep in the conservatory and we rarely see her!

Thursday Day 58 – 27th February

Hubby’s day off. He took my car for its MOT and I just did some cleaning around the house. Trying out some different teas to see if there are any out there that I like. I thought I might like the flavours of this one…but to be honest I doubt I would buy it again.

Bee’s parents evening today. She is greater depth in Maths and reading and showing signs of greater depth in her writing. So proud of her. Then karate for Bee in the evening, Quran class for the eldest and I went to see my friend in hospital. Poor hubby was driving us back and forth all evening! I did say I would take my own car but he offered.

Friday Day 59 – 28th February

All week Bee said she wanted to go to cricket in the evening rather than Fight Night at karate. I was kind of pleased about that as Fight Night can go on for hours. But at the last minute she decided she wanted to go to fight night…..and she came first in her category! But yes it was a long evening. We got there at 4.30pm and as we decide to stay until the end to support everyone we didn’t leave until after 9. The fight nights are getting more popular as the club grows so they are now considering doing them on the weekends so they can start earlier.

Saturday Day 60 – 29th February

Karate in the morning. Bee made star class again! She’s doing well at the moment and proper focusing! Then Islamic Class in the afternoon for the eldest….always nice to then get home and chill!

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